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Graphic Design
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Why choose us as your graphic design agency?

Graphic design, regardless of whether you are seeking branding or print materials or digital design, needs to reflect your brand and its character. Using professional tools and design software, our graphic designers create bespoke artwork for your marketing and digital marketing materials. We take the time to understand your end goals for each piece of material and its purpose, so we can create targeted and functional marketing materials for your business.

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity involves everything from your logo, to how you present information, to how your website and print materials are designed. Creating a bespoke logo takes into account the visual stimulus of how your brand feels and functions, and our high-quality designs will ensure your brand is contemporary and timeless. Creating brand unity across all of your visual platforms and assets is crucial to brand recognition and a fluid representation, which is why our graphic design team take into account every important aspect of your business and existing branding to best deliver digital marketing and print marketing materials that faithfully represent your brand.

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Posters and other print materials benefit from professional graphic design in their print and finish quality, and not only their design. We design for small or large posters and even digital posters to help promote your business and brand. Print materials still very much have a place in modern marketing, as they offer constant physical reminders of your services and communicate your brand almost unknowingly to passing foot traffic and those already familiar with you. Whether you are searching for posters, brochures, price lists, or welcome packs, your print marketing will benefit from professional graphic design.

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Point of Sale

Eye-catching point of sale materials at events, exhibitions, trade shows, and shop floors can help to draw your target demographic to your brand and services. They allow you to extend your brand influence over a larger surface area and promote your services at different stages of the buying process: soft interest, purchase, and browsing. Pull-up banners, product displays, and marketing collateral are all points of interest that foot traffic and target consumers acknowledge, increasing your chances of an interaction and conversion. Point of sale materials, when designed professionally, can drive sales and attract consumer engagement.

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Signage to stand out

Graphic design isn’t limited to websites and print materials, it also has its place in assets such as window displays and physical signage for your premises. New businesses and those seeking a rebrand may find that a professionally designed logo for signage extremely valuable to a local reputation. Our services include aid with planning permissions, signage lighting, and frosting and vinyl for display. These materials work very well for businesses in areas with high footfall, such as the high-street, and how you physically present your business here will determine how many clients you acquire from passing.

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Design for mobile

When we design digital graphics, we design them specifically for function and purpose. For example, when digitally designing a website we first begin by designing for mobile devices to best please your web traffic and search engine algorithms. This ensures that your digital designs meet with strategic requirements for your digital marketing while still looking and working efficiently. Our intuitive digital designs expand over websites, landing pages, web banners, and digital advertising to better promote your brand and services. Digital designs are created with function in mind first before we make sure they’re visually appealing, too.

Cosmetic Digital Nottingham

Social media content

Social media content for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook targets those who have already shown an interest in your brand and those that are targeted but yet to engage with you. Social media graphics can and will be readily engaged with by relevant traffic, so professional imagery and graphic design is important to ensuring you communicate your high-quality services. On particularly visual platforms such as Instagram, which is arguably one of the biggest social platforms currently available, visual presentation is the key to consumer and follower engagement. Brand representation, engagement, and management are all conducted through social media, amongst other platforms, so professionally designed graphics in accordance with a pre-confirmed and regularly updated strategy helps to maintain your brand image.

Brand Identity

Professional high-quality graphic design and logos helps to communicate your brand identity by expanding on its visual identity and character in creative ways. Use your brand colours and logo across your designs to create unity.

Poster Design and Print

Graphic design for print materials such as posters help to convey key information about an event, service, or product in eye-catching and engaging ways. We design for short- or long-print runs to best suit your business and budget.

Point of Sale

Point of sale materials for events, exhibitions, and shop floor promotion elevate your brand by expanding its visual representation and points of contact for your demographic. We can supply materials from pull-up banners to physical product displays.

Signage and Window Displays

Graphic design is also incredibly effective across physical signage, window displays, and in-premises materials to reinforce your brand identity. We employ a careful choice of material, print finish, and print finish so that your displays may do their job.

Design for Devices

Digital designs for websites, web banners, landing pages, and mobile usability are all created bespoke to your specifications. Our web developers and graphic designers work closely with your team to best visually represent your business online.

Social Media Content

Social media graphics need a good eye to create and curate them. High-quality graphics can bring a lowered bounce rate to your website through social traffic and can also promote services and products to a loyal follower base.

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