Stella Dental Suite . Stafford

We were delighted when a long-time client of ours asked us to create a new brand, website and digital marketing strategy for their next dental practice in Stafford – Stella Dental Suite.

Strategically the client wanted to focus on the growing private dental market, targeting clients looking for specific dental treatments which is classified as the brands ‘Signature’ treatments. We wanted to categorise their dental treatments into Cosmetic, Replace, Repair, Maintain and to avoid the same standard approach many dentists take.

The home page is unusually simple and image based, with a series of landing pages for each of the treatment sections. A successful photoshoot captured great team shots which work really well across the new site. For faster Google rankings we built interactive content sections. The website is launched in a competitive location so Google SEO rankings and digital strategy was always a key component from the start.

The client and our team are delighted with the final result

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