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  • There are two costs to consider when running social media paid ads. The first is the cost paid directly to the social platform, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, for example, and the second is the cost paid for the management and set-up of those ads. Each platform has its own costs, with Facebook being one of the cheapest and LinkedIn being one of the most expensive. The cheapest ads are currently around £3 a day, but businesses looking to generate a higher volume of clicks and traffic know that they have to choose a much higher cost per day to be effective. Our highly experienced team will guide you on what budget is realistic to achieve the results you’re looking for.

  • Our ads team works closely with each client to understand what their business goals are. We start by discussing and agreeing on the right campaign for your business, before researching and calculating the most suitable budget, taking into account crucial factors such as location, audience, competitors, the current marketplace, and the time of year. Strategic ads are created on different media platforms and scheduled to be posted at optimal times of day. The team review the success of each campaign, make changes when necessary, and feed back the progress and results to you. With any new campaign there is always a discovery phase, during which we establish the right strategic path, fine-tune the budget, and make creative changes to improve results and reduce the monthly ad spend to ensure the best return on investment for clients

  • The time it takes to start seeing results depends on a number of factors including the campaign itself, the time of year, the location, and how competitive the marketplace is at that time. Some ads deliver inquiries and generate leads very quickly while others can take several weeks to gain traction. One of the biggest factors that will affect how well your campaign runs and how quickly you see results is your existing audience – people who like your content or are following your profile already, as these are the most likely to become your customers.

  • The right social media platform for your business depends on the products or services that you wish to sell. Other important factors are the audience you wish to target and the budget you have to invest in your campaign. Our team will discuss these and other considerations with you to ensure the right decisions are made.

  • Platforms tend to change policies and procedures as part of their responsibility to protect users, often resulting in the banning of perfectly sound ads. Our 17 years’ experience in healthcare advertising enables us to get adverts passed by the platforms’ approval teams. If you’ve tried to set your own campaign up and are having difficulties launching ads, get in touch with our team, who will guide you and make the changes needed to get your ads up and running.

  • Many of your clients will be on social media, but many will not, so it’s important to consider using Google’s paid platforms as well as social media. Even clients who use social media frequently might turn to Google to look for products and services. Social platforms offer benefits such as lower budgets and high levels of targeting, enabling you to build a community around your business based on gender, interests, location etc. Google delivers your products or services to the person actively searching for them, resulting in a better quality of new lead and client. Google costs are significantly higher because of this. Our team knows which platforms are best for the service or product you wish to advertise and will work closely with you to ensure your strategy is good.

  • Designing and setting up the right campaign is only half the challenge. The other half is what to do with that traffic once you have your audience’s attention. Our team design and create the right landing page and content in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rate for each campaign. There are a number of options when considering your landing pages – an existing page on your current website, a new page on your existing website, or a temporary landing page away from your website. The advantages and disadvantages of these options vary, and will be discussed with you to help you make the right decision for your campaign.

  • There are advantages to both paid social media ads and organic social media content. Paid social media ads are often used by companies to generate leads and quickly target new audiences. Social media content has a slower but equally important impact, building knowledge and trust in a company’s brand, services, and products. Used together, quality social media content and well-designed paid social media ads can be highly effective for both short and long term gain.

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