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Aesthetic SEO benefits

The aesthetic market is a busy one, making SEO and Google rankings all the more important. Our expert team works closely with you to keep you ahead of competing clinics. Our specialist knowledge and experience in aesthetics allow us to strategically target the best platforms for your digital marketing strategy.

Monitor your position and rankings on Google 24/7 through our smart SEO dashboard. Our SEO software is designed to focus on the important numbers that help you track new enquiries, understand your customer demographics, identify what they are interested in, and more.

Optimising your Aesthetic website

Our expertise in Google ranking is matched by our experience of aesthetic digital marketing. Aesthetic clinics have been one of the two core pillars of our digital marketing service since 2005, and we know how to use specialist software tools to identify the best aesthetic keywords used by your prospective clients.

Our Google experts use on and off-page SEO techniques to get the highest possible Google rankings for your clinic. SEO ranking is impacted by many factors, including your website content, how your website was built, your download speeds, and errors that you can’t see but which we understand. Our SEO process is designed to get results.

“Fantastic. I’d give Adam and the team 6 stars if I could. Nothing is too much to ask and the quality of their work speaks for itself.”

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“The main reason we choose Cosmetic Digital for the job of designing and building our website was because they know the aesthetic industry. The know the players, they know the game. For example they speak the language and understand the aesthetic terminology. Also which questions visitors may have when visiting our site and what their main objectives are.”

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“Very good team to work with and produce a high quality site.”

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“I first started admiring Cosmetic Digital’s work by seeing another aesthetic practitioner’s website and thinking it was so good I wanted one like this. After being let down by trying to use someone cheaper, I thought “If I like this website company so much why on earth don’t I go with them?”. So I picked up the phone and spoke directly with Adam the MD of the company. He was great and nailed exactly what the issues are with using companies that don’t specialise in this kind of market.. it was as if he knew what I was thinking.”

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Expertise in Google SEO

Optimised with
vital search terms

Outperform your competitors on Google with our teams’ expert knowledge and experience in optimising Aesthetic websites.

Rank No.1
for your Clinic

With more aesthetic treatment No.1 rankings than any other agency, let our team drive you to No.1 on Google.

new enquiries

Being results-focused means we ensure our clients generate more traffic and generate more leads each month.

Frequently asked questions

  • Our team specialises in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for Aesthetic and Skin Clinics. This means we continually research and monitor the highest search terms for aesthetic-related treatments and the best strategies, so we can then optimise your website and content for the best keywords that bring in the most traffic (potential clients) to your website to then convert into enquiries.

  • Nearly 80% of visitors to your aesthetic website come via search engines, of which Google is by far the most popular and utilised. Because of this, our team primarily targets and optimise your site on Google, getting your clinic to positions 1,2 or 3 to ensure you draw the highest number of possible new clients. Everything we do in terms of SEO is driven by this focus.

  • The exact time it takes to hit positions 1,2, or 3 depends on 3 crucial, variable factors: location, website, and budget (The Big 3), which are the foundation of the success of Google. Within a few months, we’ll have a clear idea of how long it will take for your clinic to reach No.1. Our team will work closely with you, monitoring your website’s performance and adapting your strategy for optimal results.

  • Our SEO team will advise which package will deliver the fastest Google results for the lowest cost, based on key factors such as your clinic location, the number of aesthetic treatments you want Page1 rankings for, how competitive those treatments are, and how your website has been built.

  • Our team designs a tailored Google strategy for every aesthetic clinic we work with because every clinic is unique. We start by looking at your website, location, the number of clinics competing in your area for the same treatments you want to focus on, and the budget you want to spend. We carry out both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to maximise your rankings and aim at achieving several page 1 results. Our work includes keyword research, competitor analysis, content writing, link building, and more.

  • As a results-focussed company, we only do stuff that works – every step is taken and tracked to get results. We believe in clear communication and candidly discussing the results that are possible based on your location, website, and budget – The Big 3. Ask us for examples of aesthetic clinics we work with, and we’ll be happy to share many live examples that are currently ranking at position No.1 in locations around the UK.

    It’s important for a clinic to work with an agency that performs both on and off-page SEO, increasing the stability of your rankings and enabling faster ranking in the long term. Google is always updating how it ranks your aesthetic website, but content is still king – at Cosmetic Digital, we manage both.

  • In all honesty, never trust a company that guarantees your clinic a page 1 or No.1 ranking. Page 1 of Google only offers a limited number of slots, meaning you can’t promise such a ranking to every clinic. What we offer is the skills and experience to get you the best possible ranking, depending on factors such as The Big 3.

  • Firstly – they’re probably not what you think they are. Because we specialise in SEO for aesthetic clinics, we continually research and monitor the most popular search terms for every aesthetic treatment. The position of these search terms is tracked monthly and monitored against the number of new clients that click on them.

Why Choose Us for Google SEO

Flexible & Adaptive

Our team of experts work closely with you to plan, create, analyse and act to maximise the impact your digital marketing has on your business. Every client’s digital marketing strategy is unique.

Delivering results

Whether you’re a start-up or well-established, we work closely with you to create campaigns that deliver results for your budget and avoid expensive mistakes other marketing companies make that don’t have the expertise or experience in your sector.

Results driven SEO

Our team use software and proven SEO techniques to deliver Google Page 1 rankings for your business. By identifying the best search keywords your clients use on Google and applying a results focussed SEO strategy for your location and treatments.


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