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Developing your brand

Good branding tells a story as soon as it is encountered, and great branding means your story and reputation is memorable after this first interaction. Communicating your business from your traffic’s very first exposure and interaction with you is crucial. Your brand connotes who you are, what you do, and what your consumers can expect from you, so its visual identity and character needs to be faithful to your business. Developing a logo, character, visual identity, and tone of voice creates a unified brand image that can be capitalised on over all manner of platforms, be they print or digital or product.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy means identifying your demographic and core client base and what resonates with them. We use this to inform on your brand’s position in the marketplace and where its crucial touchpoints will be.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your tone of voice, character, and logo that communicates to your consumers who you are and who you are aimed at. Your reputation and target demographic should be gleaned from this visual and verbal identity.

Communicating Through Content

Written content, such as social media captions and website copywriting, communicates your brand through the words and tone you use and how you engage with your target demographic.

Understanding the Market

In order to launch a coherent brand that is in line with your business, you need to understand the market. What or who is currently out there, what works, and where the gaps in the market are will inform your brand creation.


Telling your business’ story through communication elements such as visual identity and how that resonates with your consumer base inspires a subconscious engagement with your brand reputation and the values you embody as a business.

Credibility and Brand Promise

Your branding needs to be true to your business: your services, core values, and what your clients can expect from you. Your brand delivers on assumptions about your products and services, so it’s important that brand business interlink.

Why choose us as your branding agency?

Branding is subjective and objective at the same time – it needs to appeal a mass audience and demographic whilst engaging with them on a personal, social, and economical level. A well-informed brand strategy informs your demographic on who your business is and what it will deliver, so it’s important that it stays true to your core values and services. We develop your brand strategy first by understanding your business and your target consumers, the marketplace you are entering, and your core values and services. By taking this intuitive approach, our graphic designers and content executives can begin your branding (or even rebranding) by telling your business’ story and values.

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Brand Strategy

Developing your brand begins with a brand strategy. We conduct market research, competitor analysis, and gain insight into your target demographic’s buying behaviours before we begin developing your concepts. We believe in the importance of getting to know you, your business, your services, and your core values before we create bespoke visual identities and character, because we design every asset to stand the test of time. Developing your brand strategy in collaboration with you helps us to identify exactly who is going to resonate with your brand and why, informing the creative concepts that proceed this.

Brand Identity

Your brand needs a visual identity and strapline to capture its integrity and reputation. Following our research, we begin to design creative concepts, names, and straplines that encapsulate what your brand represents. This visual brand identity will be suitable for use across social media, websites, print materials, and even stationary in order to provide a fully cohesive market presence. Your brand identity will help demonstrate what your target demographic can expect from your services and products, resonating with them emotionally, socially, and economically.

Brand Personality and Character

Verbal and written communication is just as important as visual identity when developing a brand. Your brand’s tone of voice, language, and how it interacts with your target demographic instils a certain reputation. Our team work with you to realise your brand’s character and voice so that it may be communicated even through written media. The way your website content, blog posts, and even social media captions are written will help to inform your consumers and target demographic of what it is your business does and what to expect from your services and interactions.

Understanding the Market

Good branding needs to take into account your business, your competitors, and your target demographic. We conduct market research into your demographic’s buying behaviours, psychology, and your closest competitors to best inform us of your position in the market place. We look for gaps in the market and inspect saturation to best inform ourselves and your business on how to get your services and products noticed through branding. We provide honest analysis of your branding so that we may collaborate with you and your team to develop the best brand reputation possible.

Storytelling and Credibility

Your branding is an effective way of subconsciously communicating your business’ story, credibility, and values. Visual and creative choices build a bigger picture of your brand’s character and personality in your target demographic’s mind. We use our knowledge of buying behaviours and consumer psychology to create branding that communicates your personality and credibility. A memorable brand instantly resonates with its demographic because it shares their values, and we strive to replicate this in our graphic design and content for your brand.

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