Jeffry Kashuk . Global

One of our prestigious international clients, Professor Jeffry Kashuk offers both cosmetic and medical-based treatments to a global patient base. Key to the site’s success is an online translation feature which easily transitions between Hebrew and English – Professor Kashuk called on our experience, as we have rolled this feature out for other international clients.

As expected, the site is optimised for mobile, with a fast load time to ensure the user experience is as positive as possible.

A unique element to the website is the revolutionary way the menus have been structured, which allow patients to navigate through treatment area and desired results, rather than symptoms or treatment type.

Clients can search for treatments designed for an area such as their lips or nose, as well as for results such as ‘slimmer’ or ‘younger’. This puts the onus on Professor Kashuk’s expertise and skill with a more results-focused approach.