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SEO For Dentistry Faqs

Helping to answer common search engine optimisation questions for dentists and dental practice teams.



Here are some of the common questions we get asked by Dentists and Dental practice owners when looking at search engine optimisation.


Put simply SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for dentists is about increasing the amount of traffic (number of new patients) that find you on Search Engines and directing them to your website so that they go ahead and book an appointment with you.

80% of all traffic to your dental website (new patients) come through Search Engines. Nearly 80% of all daily searches are also carried out on Google. This is why our team focus our efforts on Google and only consider other search engines when your rankings are at the top of Google.

Patients once looked at most of the dentists that come up on Page 1, now patients rarely scroll past half way down. If you are not ranking in position 1 to 5 on page 1, you will not be getting many new patients to your website. Choosing the right company with expertise in dental SEO is crucial.

This varies depending on where your practice is located, the size of your dental website, the search terms you are targeting for dental treatments and your overall SEO strategy. The more competitive your area is for dental treatments, the longer it will take to get to the top of Page 1. London and larger cities typically will take longer to get excellent rankings. In some locations with the right dental SEO strategy, it is possible to get page 1 results quickly, for other locations it can take much longer.

For information about our Google and digital marketing packages and prices please contact our team.

For every dental practice, we put together a bespoke SEO strategy. This is based on your website, location, the number of dental practices competing in your area and budget. Our strategies include a full range of on page and off page SEO techniques. From keyword research and competitor analysis to content writing and link building.

Results are everything when choosing the right dental SEO agency to optimise your website. Choose an agency that is honest from the start about the time you need and budget each month to get page 1 results. Ask to see examples of dental practices they work with, that are ranking at the top of Page 1 for dental treatments you want to also target.

Whether that’s Invisalign or implants. Choose an agency that does both on and off page SEO. A lot of dental companies just do off page they don’t write content or blogs or new page content. Google is always updating how it ranks dental sites but it still loves content.

Never trust anyone that guarantees dental rankings and page 1 results on Google. Only Google can do this. There are only on average of 10 organic results per page (excluding Ads).

Any attempt to deliver fast overnight results will likely be through ‘Black Hat’ techniques and Google will penalise your website rankings for this.

Yes. As a results focussed SEO company, we use a combination of Google and third-party software to provide all our clients with an online dashboard area they can login into to track how well their marketing strategy and website is performing month on month.

Yes. Before we carry out any SEO we research and identify the best key word strategy for your dental treatments. So we know which keywords to target to drive the maximum number of relevant new patients to your website that are looking for a dentist.


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