The Brief

The National Care Group needed a website that connotes their high-quality housing, communicates their trusted reputation, and offers interactivity through property searches and job vacancies. The website needed to be easily navigable by prospective tenants and their families. It also needed the functionality of a live property search and job vacancy search to cater to both the prospective tenants searching for their independent housing and care professionals seeking new opportunities with NCG.

The Strategy

The design was kept simple yet contemporary, clean and uncluttered. The colours are bold with information in helpful blocks and chunks for optimum readability. A font resizer was added to each page to aid individuals that may be visually impaired, and an Easy Read page was created complete with illustrations and video to better communication and immersion. Bespoke property listings complete with photos and up-to-date essential property information were created as was the functionality to search via Google Maps and through search filters. Similar bespoke functionality was also included in the careers and vacancies section. Overall, we created the NCG website to be engaging but not overwhelming and navigate while still communicating all of the necessary care and support information required.