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A prestigious aesthetic clinic in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

The Jeffry Kashuk Clinic in Tel Aviv focusses on deep tissue remodelling in aesthetics to promote long-term facial and non-surgical rejuvenation. Using an emotive and personal approach, The Jeffry Kashuk Clinic centres each treatment journey around what is best for the patient.

The Brief

Professor Jeffry Kashuk is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and so needed a website that was accessible and highly functional in Hebrew and English. He needed bespoke language translation components, emotive copywriting, sleek design, and competitive digital marketing to target the correct patients with a holistic approach.

The Strategy

Professor Kashuk needed a sleek site that would target multiple languages, primarily those with English as their first language living in Tel Aviv. We crafted for him a website that targeted emotive treatment areas, results, and symptoms rather than the treatments themselves, developing a holistic and spiritual approach to non-surgical treatments. Using a bespoke translation plug-in, we were able to write and create pages that could be submitted separately in a different language and alphabet rather than trusting automatic translation. The digital marketing strategy we created for him involved translating the high-converting ads from Hebrew into English and rewriting them for maximum effect, and we worked in tandem with an organic SEO agency in Israel to compound our efforts here in Nottingham. His social media focusses on his gallery of results and professional accolades, and we continue to work with Professor Kashuk extremely effectively.

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