A one day seminar with the objective of introducing and successfully marketing facial aesthetics into clinical practice.

The Programme
The morning will be covering the theory of Botulinum Toxin, Dermal fillers, Chemical peels and combination treatments. This will be followed by an afternoon of practical demonstrations and the day completed with an inspiring lecture on marketing strategies.

We are privileged to have such well renowned speakers in the field of facial aesthetics at our seminar.

These include:

  • Dr.Aamer Khan who is one of the UK’s leading experts in cosmetic and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Khan is the director of Harley Street Skin Clinic and has regularly appeared on television.
  • Lesley Reynolds-Khan who has been on the cutting edge of skin care and cosmetic treatments since the 1980s.
  • Lorna Bowes RGN who has an in depth understanding of the aesthetic medical market and a wealth of experience delivering medical aesthetic treatments.
  • Adam Hampson who is managing director of one of the UK’s leading dental and medical design consultancies.

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Facial Aesthetics Conference Information

Dr. C.V.Elliott B.D.S and Dr. I.R.Elliott B.D.S. of Quality Conferences Ltd explain the benefits of providing Facial Aesthetics in General Dental Practice.

The growth of the non-surgical facial aesthetics market in the UK has been phenomenal over the last 10 years and it shows every sign of continuing. As reported by the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) and other aesthetic medicine associations, there were 11.6m cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed in 2010, and 5.4m of these were Botulinum Toxin. Physicians who incorporate these procedures into their practices, should reap significant rewards in 2011 and beyond. The allure of improving one’s appearance, without the surgeon’s scalpel, is a very strong incentive for the continuing growth in demand for the facial aesthetic industry.

Most dentists are unaware of the benefits that facial aesthetic treatments can have as an adjunctive therapy in dental practice. A beautiful smile is not only determined by the colour and position of the teeth but also extra-oral soft tissue, including lip, cheeks, nasal labial folds, marionette lines, chin, and jowls. These treatments are as essential to aesthetic dentistry cases as porcelain veneers, composite resins and bleaching. It seems that as dentists, the profession has become so tooth-centric, that the importance of the perioral areas to look as good as the teeth can be forgotten.

Why provide these services? It is probably more appropriate to ask, why not provide these services? The practice of providing facial aesthetic treatments is the fastest growing area of dentistry. One advantage of branching into facial aesthetics is that the initial capital expenditure to offer these services is relatively small with a substantial profit margin

The demand and versatility of the products and treatments is ever increasing, not only for ‘wrinkle reduction’ treatment, but for a host of other problems; hyperhydrosis, reducing pore size, muscle spasms, TMJ and bruxism cases, to mention but a few. Botulinum treatment can often be used in conjunction with dermal filler therapy as a non-surgical alternative to high lip line cases. In the past the only treatment available involved aggressive treatment plans, involving periodontal flap surgery, crown lengthening, possible orthodontics and crown and bridge therapy. Although the results are long lasting the disadvantages are obvious; the number of appointments, high cost and the possible complications. The advantages of non-surgical treatment is the close to immediate results in one appointment, non-invasive and often much cheaper! The disadvantage is the requirement of repeated treatments; however is it not important, to increase the patient’s choices?

Dentists should be aware of the clinical benefits as well as the financial rewards that go with performing total facial aesthetic therapy. With proper training, dentists are among the best qualified to provide these services. They are the only healthcare professionals that can practice total facial aesthetics; not only can the teeth be treated cosmetically but, with further training, the facial aesthetics can be enhanced. Dentists have the added advantage of having detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy and proficiency with local injections. Many already possess the skills and experience of running a business, with an existing loyal clientele that know and trust them.

When incorporating facial aesthetics into a practice, it is often helpful to follow a few fundamentals;

  • Undertake appropriate and on-going hands-on training. Keep up to date with the trends in aesthetic medicine and attend regular courses, such as those offered by Quality Conferences
  • Develop a successful business plan, integrating aesthetics procedures into your practice and building and extending the patient base. Aim to maximise profits by offering the more profitable aesthetic procedures, tailored to meet client’s specific needs
  • Be open to offer more procedures to your patients thereby maximising the potential for each patient
  • Become proficient in aesthetic patient consultations, making your clients aware of the procedures available at the practice.

The field of facial aesthetics is constantly evolving which makes it not only challenging and exciting, but also very rewarding.

Quality Conferences next Facial Aesthetics seminar is to be held at the prestigious Ardencote Country Club on November 4, 2011. This will be an overview of most of the points raised in this article and give a greater insight into the field of facial aesthetics.

Facial Aesthetics Conference Information