A fresh look for an award winning professional

After working with Stephen on several projects for his facial aesthetic business, we went on to refresh his personal professional brand identity and website.

We started by creating a new brand identity for Stephen combining his thoughts on wanted something that wasn’t so focused on dentistry and more personal to him. We created a logo with a device that combined his initials in a contemporary style paired with a soft, rounded font and palette that warms the minimal look of the logo.

A similar treatment was required for the website. Stephen had an existing professional website but this was designed around his previous logo and was looking dated and too stereotypical of other dental professional websites. We created a design that suited the new brand identity, is clean and modern in terms of contemporary website design and also made it more user interactive.

Each page includes social media links, video testimonials from patients and treatment videos. This level of interactivity and multimedia makes the user want to stay on the site longer and explore more of the options available to click on.

The imagery used in the website is of Stephen, his patients and some high quality stock imagery. The website’s main purpose is to promote Stephen and his skills so the imagery has been used to reflect this. It is also a great tool to showcase his patient success stories and case studies.

Nothing sells success and quality like reviews and testimonials from the patients themselves and the website is host to a large patient gallery full of professional patient headshots and close up before and after images. There is also an expanding patient video testimonial page, which can be continually added to.

Patients have the ability to book an appointment with Stephen on every page of the website and the language is written in a friendly and reassuring manner, for example “Stephen will be in touch with you to discuss your request”, which adds trust in this form of contact.

Finally, the site is built in WordPress and so gives the client access to write and post blog/news articles and also make amends to the page content at their own convenience.


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