Business planning and financial management for practice owners and managers

Everything you do in your practice comes back to numbers so understanding them is essential but knowing how to influence them is critical. This one-day course cuts through the jargon to teach you all the business things you should have learnt at dental school.

This course will highlight what you don’t know about running a dental business. It uses words you are familiar with, such as vision, profit, brand and performance measurement but it brings them to life, illustrating how they are used in a practical way to achieve your result.

By the end of the course you will:

  • be able to read and interpret a set of accounts
  • know which processes in your business drive performance and how to manage them better
  • have a practical understanding of stock control, pricing and other key processes and their influence on your numbers
  • understand the relationship between marketing, brand, people, and growth
  • recognise gaps in your knowledge and therefore your current approach
  • know how to apply what you learn and how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to change your result

About the speaker
Andy McDougall

Andy McDougall draws on and applies 30 years of strategic business planning expertise to assist dental practices improve their financial performance. Andy’s clients benefit from his commercial, handson approach that has resulted in bottom line improvements of up to £60k per annum. His focused, structured and supportive style has been welcomed equally by practices looking to transform under-performance and those keen to maintain good results by introducing sound business methodologies.

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