A delicious logo fit for a queen

When Liz Thompson approached H&P to help her to launch her new cake making business we jumped at the chance. Liz designs and creates bespoke celebration and novelty cakes in Harpenden, Herts, priding herself on her unique, personal and bespoke approach to both cake making and customer service.

The cakes are created with the individual in mind and so often reflect the recipient’s personality, hobbies and passions. Liz’s ethos is to exceed expectations in quality of design, flavour and service and wanted a brand identity to reflect this.

We worked closely with Liz to decide upon the name of the company. Here our experience in naming and branding came into it’s own exploring names from the origins of individuality, emotion, language, the product itself and the business owner. The preferred name was ‘Queen of Herts Cake’. This name has been created with the clever use of language. Using a homophone for the word ‘Herts’ to replace the traditional saying ‘Queen of Hearts’. The saying ‘Queen of Hearts’ strikes emotion and joy and these are essentially what Liz aims to create with her cakes. The fact that she is based in Harpenden in Herts, gave us the perfect alternative and also lets people know where the business is based. ‘Queen’ also refers to her experience and the quality of her work… She’s the best!

The logo is comprised of a strong serif font that gives the logo detail and traditionalism, also representational of the detail and quality that goes into every cake that Liz makes. The hand drawn cake is not only an indication of the types of cakes that Liz produces but also the hand drawn style shows the bespoke, unique and personal basis of the business. The overall logo is timeless and simple; it’s not overly fussy or complicated and works well as 2 separate elements as well and together as a whole.

The rich colours work beautifully together. The gold plays on the regal name and shows quality, elegance and something extra special, whilst the pink balances this with a bright and friendly presence. It is also another hint to the traditional ‘Queen of Hearts’ idea.

It’s been a delight to work with Liz on this project and be there from the outset and also to have the opportunity to work in a new business industry for H&P.

Thank you so much for creating my amazing brand. I am absolutely blown away by the work you have produced, and the service you have given has been personal, efficient and forward-thinking – from the very first phone call through to completion.

The name Queen of Herts Cakes is so inspired and fits perfectly. It was great to have a selection of concepts and ideas at each stage from which to create branding and designs that is just right for me. Skilfully you’ve managed to find just the right balance between inviting – and listening to – feedback and providing expert guidance, so that I feel I have been involved throughout whilst confident you will always find the right solution… The designs are absolutely stunning.

Liz Thompson

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