Digital Marketing for NADclinic

The Strategy

An innovative company at the forefront of the IV infusion revolution, NADclinic offer a range of treatments designed to empower and enable people to ‘be the best version of themselves’ through the NAD molecule, with links to conditions as varied as chronic fatigue, andropause & menopause, stress & anxiety, detox and anti-ageing.

The Brief

We were asked to create, launch and manage an international digital marketing campaign, with a variety of content produced to support NADclinic’s range of campaigns. Our work involved creating a series of Google and social media ads which clicked through to dedicated landing pages; the content on these could flex depending on search terms. Recognising that a key part of NADclinic’s marketing centred around education, we proposed setting up a blog and also created content for a Wikipedia page. As well as targeting clients who are actively searching for ways to manage specific conditions, our work has opened up NAD to a whole new client base.