With global cases rising and the UK likely to initiate a lockdown, it may seem like coronavirus is the worst thing that could happen to you and your business. But at Cosmetic Digital, our marketing experts are highly adept at identifying new marketing approaches and staying ahead of the curve, from improved methods of communication, to new strategies in times of change. This is unchartered territory for all of us, but we wanted to share our thoughts on how to keep your business afloat during what could be challenging times. Though some may depend on your type of clinic or the treatments you offer, here are our suggestions for how you can weather the coronavirus storm. 

1) Cut out your competition 

Potential lockdown has caused uncertainty and confusion amongst businesses. Many are concerned about the impact on profits and believe that cost-cutting measures can help them stay afloat. In fact, the opposite may be true – with so many businesses bowing out of the running, it could be a key time to capitalise on a bigger presence in the marketplace and get a short-term digital marketing strategy, or change of campaign, in place.

 2) Build better relations with your clients 

With businesses going quiet amid coronavirus uncertainty, there’s less noise to compete with – so use it as your opportunity to go louder than ever, and stand apart from the crowd. Keep on with the emails and social posts to stay in touch with your clients and keep them engaged, ensuring you’re the first to mind when we begin to return to normality. It’s also worth using this opportunity to focus on your customer service, such as through being flexible with your appointment times. Late evenings and early mornings can accommodate those at risk while enabling you to see the same number of patients over a longer period, helping you stay remembered for all the right reasons. Finally, don’t forget that how you manage your cancellations now will resonate later. 

3) Make innovation your best investment 

In current times, being proactive is far better than being reactive. Even though consumer spending may well reduce, it won’t stop altogether – and this could be a good time to make some of those small website updates now, which will make a big difference in the future. From a design refresh to content tweaks, and updates to those often-forgotten pages (such as FAQs and staff bios), there’s lots you can do if you use your time wisely – especially when we have no way of knowing how long the pandemic will last.

4) Pull that key treatment out of the bag

Even in an uncertain climate, wrinkles don’t wait, and health and wellbeing is still a key concern for consumers. Many aesthetic treatments, such as peels or fillers, have been linked to a boost in mental health – and if you offer vitamin IV drips, now could be a good time to market them, especially when consumers are actively searching for ways to boost their immunity and help guard against the virus. 

5) Take the strain off your staff

These are uncertain times where you’ll need to plan, review, then plan again. In such uncharted territory, there’s a need to be more realistic about what government action could mean for your business. With panic buying setting in, you may find your clinic or practice busier than ever – or the opposite could happen, and you could find yourself facing closure. You can help mitigate this through:

– Using video consultations (if possible) to diagnose concerns, recommend products and make that sale
– Make bookings and take payment online (either through an in-built or third-party feature)

– Building on your FAQs or blog, to answer questions directly relating to your policies during this time

6) Keep sales running with ecommerce

With more people staying at home, comes a greater opportunity to use digital marketing – whether aimed at those who are idly browsing the internet, or those actively searching for brands and products. In fact, one study of 304 retailers found that 38% believed their online sales would increase. 

For those that do sell online (assuming couriers continue to run), it’s an ideal time to keep an income stream and sell products that can be delivered straight to home – especially if government action causes your clinic or practice to close. 

At Cosmetic Digital, our marketing experts continually monitor marketing trends, keyword search volume and changes in consumer search behaviour, all of which could play a part in your digital marketing strategy. For help, advice or to roll-out any of the suggestions in this post, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.