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Digital Marketing For Dentistry Faqs

Helping to answer common digital marketing questions for dentists and dental practice teams.


New to cosmetic digital and our marketing services?

Here are some of the common questions we get asked by Dentists and Dental practice owners when looking at their digital marketing or moving from their current marketing agency to Cosmetic Digital.


The big digital marketing platforms are mainly the same for different sectors, however from years in digital marketing our team understand your success of your dental marketing campaigns will depend on the level of experience and expertise in Dentistry. This is because different platforms work better for different dental treatments. How you target new patients for a certain dental treatment for example Dental implants will depend on the implant campaign, the platform, treatment price, time of day you run the campaign and patient demographics you target.

A successful dental treatment or dental practice campaign will target more new patients that need your dental treatments that don’t already know about your dental practice or aware that you have an interest in that dental treatment. Digital marketing unlike print marketing or magazine ads, allow us to track in real time, where your new patients are coming from, which means we can spend more budget and time focusing on specifically where is best. Maximising your return on your marketing investment.

With more than 16 year’s experience in dental marketing and developing marketing strategies and results for hundreds of dental practices and dentists, we have insight, knowledge and expertise on which dental marketing works and which dental marketing doesn’t. Delivering better marketing results for dentists and saving your dental marketing budget from marketing mistakes.

Our dental marketing team have experience in delivering dental digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram and also on Google which is used for nearly 80% of all dental searches. From paid ads to organic Google page rankings and email marketing. We work with you to target patients using social media and those patients that don’t have social media to identify the best marketing strategy to target new patients.

Dental marketing that works for dentist will not work for another dentist. Every dental practice is unique and their dental marketing formula will be too. Every dentist has different competition and offer different dental treatments with different patient demographics. This means your dental marketing strategy and platforms you use will be unique to you. Our marketing methods are designed to optimise your unique dental marketing formula.

Our dental marketing services are provided as part of a fixed monthly digital marketing package. For more information, please see our different packages and prices.

Our team carefully monitor, record, track, share and analyse your strategy. We look at different numbers and areas to measure your progress and success. Most dentists want new patients to grow their dental practice turnover or provide new patients for a new associate so this is our teams ultimate goal.

This depends on the platforms you are using for your dental treatment campaigns and digital marketing strategy. Paid ads will usually target new clients instantly, delivering traffic and new enquiries very quickly for the practice.


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