We’ve already touched upon how you can update and energise your brand on your website, but we haven’t yet talked about how you can raise your brand awareness. The world is full of potential clients who haven’t yet heard of you, and many of them will be using the services of your competitors.

Raising awareness of your brand is key to gaining new clients. And it needn’t be expensive.
Social media remains one of the most cost-effective digital platforms to reach thousands of existing and new clients. There are 2 main routes to reaching potential clients effectively on social media. They are:

  • Paid ads will allow you to target potential leads specifically by location, gender, interests, and occupation. It’s a great way to discover and speak to a group of potential clients that like your brand or services. 
  • Organic social is very beneficial in building credibility and familiarity with potential leads. This is hugely important for facial aesthetics and dental businesses, as many of their treatments can be daunting. Clients of injectables naturally want to find out more about the practitioners who perform the treatments, the quality of the products used, and the clinic’s success rate before they commit to purchasing the treatment.

Utilising paid ads, custom audiences, and organic social reach efficiently should help you grow your business at an unprecedented rate. If this sounds complicated and you’d rather outsource the work to marketing experts, please get in touch. We work very closely with our clients to capture the right tone for your social media. We will ensure our posts and stories are in line with your established ethos to build a consistent, trustworthy, and approachable brand.

If you’ve got a great updated brand and website – why not let us help you shout about it (whilst saving you time and money!)