Highfield Dental Care in Southampton came to us wanting to update their branding and website design.

We needed to communicate the practice’s focus on customer service and providing an individual and bespoke way to dental care. In other words, we needed potential patients to feel that they would get the treatment that was right for them, rather than a one-size-fits all conveyor-belt approach to dentistry.

The branding for Highfield Dental Care uses warm images and colours to reflect the friendly and approachable ethos of the practice. This colour palate runs through the entire website; we also felt that featuring testimonials in a handwriting font would add that extra human touch.

We promoted the one-hour new patient consultation offer throughout the site. This is in a prominent position with an eye-catching design.

We think the large images of the practice and team, alongside aspirational images of beautiful smiles add a great balance. They also emphasise the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that people experience when they walk into the practice.

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