When the covid-19 outbreak first happened in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019, few of us thought we would be affected by it. Fast-forward to February 2021, and we’re still adapting to life in lockdown as we ride out the pandemic for the long-term. 

Businesses up and down the country in every sector have borne the brunt of covid. In the aesthetics, dentistry and healthcare sectors, measures have centred around temporary closures, reducing the number of appointments and social distancing measures. In this post, we share 6 reasons why you should implement online consultations, if you haven’t already. 

1) It’s FREE

Thanks to covid, ‘Zoom’ has entered the everyday lexicon in the same way that ‘Google’ did, becoming a byword for any kind of video call. But whether it’s Zoom, FaceTime or something else, these methods are no longer simply a means to keep in touch with family – they’ve become a lifeline for aesthetic clinics and dental practices who want to stay connected to their patients. While Zoom isn’t the only software out there to help provide free online consultations, it’s a great place to start.


Meeting in person can increase the possibility of spreading any virus or infection, not just covid-19. Online consultations allow you to discuss areas such as skincare routines and products, or everyday concerns such as dental pain or sensitivity, from the safety (and comfort) of a distance. In addition, your patients won’t need to travel, and there’s no pressure on you to perform home visits (or allow clients into your house, if your clinic is based at home). Many people are asymptomatic for the disease, which could be risky in-person – but doing a virtual consultation is possible even if your client actively has covid-19. 


Zoom and its contemporaries can fit into the palm of your hand on your mobile – or can be accessed via tablet, laptop or desktop. Being flexible and portable is key for those working in your clinic or practice, as it means consultations can be carried out on-the-go and even after-hours. It also means the same for your patients – the possibility to access from anywhere, even another country. It’s even possible to link apps such as FaceTime to your clinic’s website, so your clients can call with one tap of their phone.

4) It’s FAST

With new measures introduced during the pandemic, clinics and practices are facing enhanced cleaning programmes to help prevent the spread, taking up valuable time. This means many are out of pocket, as they’re not able to see the number of patients they could before. With online consultations, there’s no clean-down required between appointments and the software could allow you to be stricter on time running over. 

5) It’s EASY

Giving your clients access to an online portal where they can cancel, amend and book their virtual consultation keeps them in control and feels simple and easy to use, while reducing your staff workload – in turn, allowing you to see and treat more clients. 


Virtual consultations could improve communication between you and your patients – giving them more knowledge about their specific skin problem or dental concern. On the flip-side it can help those who want a degree of anonymity, especially in the healthcare arena, where they may feel their symptoms or condition is embarrassing. It also removes the need for ‘Googling’ symptoms and self-diagnosis – they can get real advice from a medical professional and feel confident in the correct diagnosis. 

It might sound a sweeping statement, but those who haven’t already rolled out online consultations could face huge losses and even closure in the future. In the future, tiers and measures can mean more in the way of temporary lockdowns, and online consultations could be a way to combat this and keep a steady income. 

If you’re interested in rolling out virtual consultations, speak to our digital marketing experts today.