The pandemic is here to stay – and it’s more important than ever to capitalise on the clients you have on your books. But how do you build brand loyalty? In this post, we’ll talk through some ways of doing just that, helping ensure your business stays afloat during second lockdown, Christmas, and the uncertainty of 2021. 

Go above & beyond

Don’t just promise something, deliver extra. Not only can this help set you apart from the competition, but it can communicate quality, commitment and value to your clients. For instance, if you run an online skin store, why not send a free sample or two with your next order? Or beat your delivery timescale? And in your dental practice, don’t just talk through aftercare for your treatments – give patients a take-away piece and call for a follow-up.

Of course, ‘going above and beyond’ could mean something simple, like a ‘happy birthday’ discount on their favourite aesthetics treatment, a tailored thank you message if they leave a review, or even out-of-hours dental appointments to suit their schedule. Surprise and delight your clients, and ensure they come back to you when they need their next treatment. 

Champion consistency 

The look and feel of your brand, the messages and USPs you deliver, and the way you communicate should always feel consistent. This includes:

– Social media profiles
– Your website
– Paid advertising 
– Print materials
– Your bricks-and-mortar clinic or practice

Your brand identity captures your personality, ethos and approach to your unique services, and works to build trust between your practice and patients. 

Make it memorable

It’s not just about customer service – it’s about customer experience. Consistency is also crucial when offering services and treatments, from how long they take, to the steps the customer takes, to even the staff who deliver the experience, and covers the quality of the interactions as a whole. It’s so easy for a returning client to feel put-off because their latest experience didn’t match the first. 

Of course, your website should also be a positive and memorable experience for your clients. It’s no use having an impressive-looking website if it loads slowly, or the information is hard to navigate. Regularly reviewing your website experience through data can capture where you might need to improve and build up that trust – for instance, simplifying your navigation could help prevent visitors from needing to take too many steps (or clicks) on their journey, or creating dedicated treatment FAQs could prevent clients from feeling in the dark about their treatments. 

Check in with your clients

Leverage your social media and email marketing to regularly update and engage your client base, informing them about any new treatments, general news, or offers they might be interested in. When your follows engage with likes and comments, respond in kind.

We’re well-known for our love of data and numbers, and actually one of the best ways to communicate and engage with your clients is by using these to inform marketing profiles that highlight customer preferences, and enable you to communicate on a more personal level. 

Reward loyalty regularly 

The best and easiest way to build loyalty is to reward it as you see it – and shout out about some of the great incentives you can offer your patients. Here are a few things you could try:

– Exclusive memberships – for example, a skin club that gives a set number of treatments per month
– Discounts for returning clients – if a stamp card isn’t your thing, consider a credits or points system based on their spending
– Freebies with big treatments – throw in some extras where you can – for example, many dental practices offer free whitening with Invisalign

Need more ideas?

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