Beautiful print design that’s unique everytime

Andrew Lee & Associates, a dental practice in Leamington Spa, approached us to help them rebrand their practice and refresh their patient literature.

They were keen to emphasis their practice values of expertise, care and peace of mind for the patient, with a welcoming and friendly team who offer a high standard of modern dentistry. They pride themselves on their personal service and the number of recommendations they receive and wanted to focus the design concept on their happy patients.

The designs we have produced for Andrew Lee & Associates are some of our portfolio favourites! The brand design and print is modern, clean and elegant. We have use blue ribbons across the print work symbolising all the different treatments offered by the practice and working together with the patient in harmony. This complements the brand colours and adds detail to the simple brand identity.

The welcome pack is designed to reflect patients’ feedback on the fantastic care and treatment they’ve received at the practice. Finishing touches and extra special details include a double opening folder with a beautiful large image across the inside spread and a highlighted spot UV finish to the outer cover which is subtle but extremely effective.

A perfect example of modern, patient friendly design that’s beautifully executed and we’re proud to show off.

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