Injecting new energy into facial aesthetic branding

Dr Stephen Dodd, an award winning cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetic practitioner, challenged H&P to help him to launch a new collection of skin rejuvenation clinics across the Bolton and Southport area.

Stephen wanted to open these skin clinics to give everyday working members of the public the chance to have easy and affordable access to skin rejuvenation treatments. His ethos is to make his clients look and feel fantastic, as he and the other professionals in his team know that the slightest of corrections can make a big difference to their clients’ appearance and confidence.

The treatments offered including Botox and fillers, are high quality services at affordable prices, making natural beauty something that everyone can achieve and is made accessible to all.

With our successful experience in branding and naming, H&P were able to offer a collection of options for consideration revolving around the idea of trust, care, transformation, positivity and the life changing effects that skin rejuvenation can give to the client. The name chosen was ‘Zing’ for it’s short, sharp and memorable identity. Zing originated from the special tingle sensation and bright positive feeling that skin rejuvenation will give both the client’ skin and confidence.

We’ve chosen a delicate and soft lilac colour palette that symobilses care and trust. We’ve added an accent of bright green that brings the brand to life and reflects the ‘Zing affect’, bright, feel good infusion without being harsh and unapproachable.

The curve device used in the logo came from a number of ideas, the first being the visible results of the rejuvenation treatments available and fading lines. Another meaning to the device was the uplifting and positive feeling a client would experience after the treatments, and finally, to symbolise how Zing can help clients to reach and achieve aspirational looks and feel younger.

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