We know how much your website means to you. Years of hard work have gone into making it look the part, run smoothly and build traffic and conversions through good practice SEO. But many people wonder: does a big change, like a website redesign, undo your progress and put you back to square one?

Without proper planning and consideration, it’s likely this will happen. But when you use our digital marketing agency – one of the top choices for dental and aesthetics in the UK – it won’t. That’s because we’ll map out your entire website structure, design a new one, and ensure every page is accounted for in a migration – and all without impacting your website experience or your customers. And as well as your pages, we’ll migrate all your content -including those coveted backlinks.

So whether it’s time to rethink the menu layout, create a new look and feel, or overhaul the content, we’ll explain why redesigning your website can actually be a good move for your business – and exactly how we’ll do it.

Google Wants You To Change

Google, and other large search engine companies, are constantly updating and upgrading their algorithms. While they’re tasked with a simple enough job – match users to the most relevant websites – it’s much more complex in practice. We know a lot about what Google expects to see to give you that top spot on the search engine results pages – regularly updated content, redirects, metadata to name a few – but it also has a secret ‘freshness’ score. This is a way to rank your website based on how regularly you run updates. And a redesign is pretty much the biggest update you could do.

Technology is Constantly Evolving

As time goes on, your clients’ demands change, too. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a basic website to support an online presence. You need a website that uses the best technology and effects, loads quickly, presents engaging content, and all the other factors that feed into SEO. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Few things are as off-putting to your client base as a website that looks old or features outdated content. If you’re commanding premium prices for quality treatments, you need a premium, quality website to go with it.

Your Competition Never Sleeps

Blink, and you’ll get left behind. Other dental practices and aesthetics agencies are working round-the-clock to carve out a presence and take away your hard-earned client base. They don’t shy away from a website redesign – and nor should you. Most digital marketing agencies will advise on redesigning your website every 2-3 years to stay at the top of your field.

Experts Can Handle It All For You

You don’t have to do a redesign yourself or read a book on SEO to get your website looking and performing its best. Let our digital marketing agency in Nottingham do it instead. We won’t use cheap shortcuts to get results, but will spend time and effort in building your website from the ground up. Here’s a step-by-step for how the process could look for your business.

1. Map out your pages. Not only do we need to organise and structure your content, but we need to ensure there are no treatments missed off the list – or services you no longer offer. We’ll also need to ‘tell’ Google where your content will now be located, which can help minimise disruption for your clients.

2. Migrate your content. If you’re keeping any of your content, we’ll need to migrate it to your new website design. If not, you’ll want redirects in place, so Google doesn’t land a potential client on a broken page.

3. Update backlinks. Other websites that link to yours – backlinks – are a key part of any successful SEO strategy. You’ll need to ensure you have these updated to your new website.

4. Set up domain redirects. If you’re changing the URL of your website, you’ll need these redirects in place for the best part of 6 months – or longer if you keep getting hits to the old website. After this period, Google stops seeing the two websites as being related to each other.

And that’s all there is to it.

Contact Cosmetic Digital For a New Website Redesign Today

If you’re ready to take that leap into a website redesign, we want to help. With a dedicated team of social media experts, senior designers, content specialists and web developers making up our digital marketing agency here in Nottingham, we’ll create a best-in-class website with every area considered. So whether it’s your first redesign or your third, we’ll create a hard-working, high-quality website you can proud of.