The middle of a global pandemic might not seem like a good time to work on your website SEO, but in actual fact, coronavirus has created the perfect opportunity. Here’s why…

You can beat the competition

If SEO is the last thing you’re thinking of, it’s likely it’s the last thing your competitors are thinking of, too – so by focusing your efforts, you could actually get ahead of the game. Building on your organic SEO rankings during the pandemic will help you steadily creep up the search results to take the number 1 spot, while those who have pushed it aside will be fighting to get back on top when the pandemic has blown over.

Your clients still need you

SEO helps produce sales and leads – it helps clients connect with your brand when searching for a product, treatment or service you provide. And while the UK is in lockdown, more people than ever will be turning to the internet to find what they need.

Even while closed, your clients are still actively searching for your treatments – fuelled by uncertainty about closures and clients interested in focusing on their health and wellbeing during the covid-19 crisis.

Your investment will pay off

During the coronavirus outbreak, you may be concerned about the impact that closing your clinic has on your business. But by investing in your SEO during the pandemic, when we come out the other side, you’ll generate more business – so can offset your losses. The higher up the search rankings you are, the more clients will keep your business in mind when the time comes for your clinic to re-open.

You’re marketing to an interested party

Managing your budget is arguably a key concern during this global pandemic – so it makes sense to make every penny count and use channels where there’s more buying intent. With SEO marketing, you can use data to quickly see what’s effective and what isn’t, focusing on sales and leads. SEO can also help you keep an eye on buying behaviour – and allow you to react as and when it changes, whether it’s the content itself or specific keywords.

You can use ecommerce to your advantage

As covid-19 forces shops to close, it’s not just everyday essentials that are becoming harder to source. Products such as skincare will also be harder to come by, and people will come to rely on online shopping. You may be yet to build a shop for your website, but for those who have, it can be used to your advantage during this crisis.

You can strategise long-term

One way SEO can help your business during the coronavirus outbreak is through tracking sales and leads – in other words, demand. You’ll be able to see what’s generating interest and what isn’t, helping you to identify core areas of your business to market.

Your content will always be relevant

Anything you produce now will have longevity – and will still be picked up in searches long after coronavirus has passed. With so many clients seemingly ‘sitting ducks’ during lockdown, you have a waiting audience who are actively looking for content – so managing your SEO during the pandemic can be as easy as churning out engaging, keyword-rich blogs and website landing pages.

And finally…

It’s worth remembering that SEO progress isn’t an overnight process. In reality, it’s buildable work – which helps Google see you as persistent and trustworthy. Bowing out of the race now could have a seriously negative impact on your business in the future. To find out more about what our digital marketing and SEO experts can do for your business, get in touch with our team today.