The digital trends of 2023 will be shaped by the economic, virtual, and social landscapes in which we find ourselves. A global cost of living crisis will naturally be occupying the minds of business owners and clients alike, so in this article, we’ll be looking at how emerging digital marketing strategies can save a few pennies. We’ll also look at how the beast that is the Metaverse, although still in its infancy, is making a lot of noise. We’ll ask how you can be preparing for its much-lauded final arrival.

Plus, there’s been a huge sea-change in how consumers, particularly younger demographics, have begun to respond to digital marketing campaigns. We’ll question how you can place increased value on digital brand awareness, and gain more trust from potential customers. Let’s take a look at the top 4 business growth factors that you should be considering as you plan your 2023 digital marketing strategy. 

1. Advertising Your Company As ‘Environmentally Friendly‘ Isn’t Enough

There’s been a huge trend in recent years towards promoting your company as environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint, and selling sustainable products. That isn’t going away. Quite the opposite. Now on top of advertising your green credentials, using your own advertising campaigns to champion a green cause and promote affirmative action, can result in an increase in sales. A cat food brand that is standing up for the world’s fish has enjoyed a decent market share increase through its activism. A word of warning though. Pick a cause you’re genuinely passionate about. Consumers can spot disingenuous sentiment, or ‘purpose-washing’ for miles away. 

A top tip for aesthetic industry businesses, in the wake of NHS waiting time disaster reports, is to concentrate on promoting their company’s dedication to boosting the nation’s self-esteem, as well as their holistic approach to nutrition and well-being. With an emphasis on keeping patients mentally healthy, and with their confidence boosted, can you potentially reduce the need for mental health services?

2. Incorporate Augmented Reality Into Online and Offline Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Metaverse is lurking, and it looks expensive. If you’ve been reading the business headlines about companies who have already embraced the Metaverse, you’ll no doubt have read about the millions of dollars spent on creating virtual companies inside it. Don’t panic. There are new cheaper digital trends you can embrace, that will not only align your digital marketing strategy with Metaverse content but also put you ahead of your competitors. 

Augmented reality allows consumers to use their smartphones to see things virtually, that are not in the real world. The scope is enormous and there are plenty of developers out there, working to provide apps for all budgets. Imagine, for instance, having before and after photos, that jump out of your screen and onto the screens of your consumers. Let them see, on their own screens, just how good your treatments are before they even get in the consultation room with you.  

3. Digital Marketing Content Is Getting Shorter and More Snackable

If you haven’t heard the term ‘snackable’ content yet, you will soon. The good news for your marketing budget is that content is getting shorter. But that also means it’s getting smarter. At the end of 2022, Google reported that YouTube Shorts had 2.1 billion monthly active users. That’s a quarter of the world’s population. TikTok isn’t far behind with 1.8 billion monthly users, and they’re taking the next step in making their tools simpler for businesses.

As attention spans drop, content creation is moving into a much shorter form. With the right moves, and a dedicated industry-specialised content creator, such as Cosmetic Digital, at your side, you have the potential to become more than an authority within your field, you can become an influencer – and that’s where the life-changing business growth lies.

4. Brand Awareness Overtaking Leads Generation As a Priority Is the Top Digital Marketing Trend of 2023

Consumer behaviour has never been so documented. It is collected and available from a myriad of sources. And what this tells us is that it’s no longer sensible to guess at what might appeal to our patients, clients, and end-users. Instead, we should instead be anticipating their marketing desires.

It turns out that in 2023, the biggest change you can make to your digital marketing strategy is to concentrate your efforts on branding. This action by itself should get you more sales, than directly going after sales. Plus, the good news is this extra branding work is not going to cost you any more money. Paying a fortune to influencers to push your audience to a wider public is so 2022. The latest digital trends have seen companies take full advantage of hyper-local advertising, by encouraging their employees and customers to promote their brand instead. This works. It’s tried and tested. But only if handled properly.

The key to using your close network to your advantage involves both nurturing your ‘community’ and giving them something to genuinely feel passionate about. Within a safe community space, encourage co-workers, or customers to talk about how they see the brand they know and love developing. Use their feedback. Implement their good suggestions. Let them add value to your company. Benefit from both providing a service for the people close to you, and the digital marketing promotion they will naturally provide for you in return. Greater connections lead to greater trust and loyalty.

Which of these 2023 digital marketing trends are you going to take on board? Will you create a niche forum for customers? Perhaps you’ll offer short-form social media content (using original and third-party industry announcements, research, and interviews) with an emphasis on strong, inciteful storytelling. Or, maybe you’ll embrace virtual tech to offer something your competitors simply can’t?

To be successful in any of these, the content you provide is your most important digital marketing asset. And if you don’t have the time to provide a perfect visual daily, or even weekly, offering to share, go viral, and spread the word about your company, then we’ll be happy to work in partnership with you.

We are an established digital marketing leader in the dental and aesthetics industries. We handle the social media and marketing accounts for some of the world’s most prestigious clinics. If you’re ready to grow your business to the next stage, why not get in touch to talk about how many new sales you can expect in 2023 based on your existing marketing budget?  Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help you position yourself on a higher rung of Google, as well as a higher rung of your industry ladder. Give us a call.