The pandemic is still here and with it, the threat of both local lockdowns and a potential second, UK-wide lockdown. With this comes the possibility that businesses, travel and personal lifestyles will all be affected. At Cosmetic Digital, we’re always looking ahead – and while this is a disruptive and uncertain time, there are certain areas you can focus on to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected and can ride out the storm. 

Be sensitive 

There’s no doubt that it’s a difficult and unpredictable time and it’s key that businesses communicate both frequently and compassionately. Your clients may be at-risk, shielding or unwilling to travel – and it’s possible that they (or their friends and family) have had first-hand experience of the virus.

– Implement video consultations preferring these, and to reduce initial contact.
– Ensure you keep clients updated through social posts, emails and blogs.
– Add contact forms to relevant web pages to make it easier for clients to touch base.
– Promote the safe and updated use of PPE. 

Capitalise on the ‘now’

It may seem like it’s impossible to plan in the long-term, so stop focusing on the future and take in the moment. With the national lockdown lifted, it’s time to get clients back into your clinic and confident of booking more treatments. 

– Entice clients with exciting, limited-time offers that encourage spending. This also helps reward those loyal customers whose finances might have taken a hit due to furlough, or who are being a little conservative with their budget.
– Build your SEO to secure Google’s top spot for those seeking your treatments, who aren’t on social media.
– Fire up paused campaigns and monitor them closely – but ensure you communicate any differences.

Don’t get left behind

Whether you’ve happily re-opened or are looking to do so in the not-so-distant future, it’s crucial that your information is up-to-date and reflects these changing times. 

– Look at bringing in additional income online through selling skin products on your website. 
– Ensure your opening hours are updated on all channels, and don’t forget those often-overlooked places like Google My Business and social profiles.
– Focus on streamlining processes, for instance through offering over-the-phone and contactless payments, or by adding an online booking facility.
– Check (and update) your policies regarding cancellations, product returns or suspended treatments and services. 

Prioritise your clients’ comfort and frame of mind

There’s government and industry guidance in place to ensure all clinics and practices open safely, but we’re big believers that a clinic should only feel clinical where it needs to. We’ve got lots of ideas for ways to help your clients feel at home.  

– Friendly signage can go a long way in making your clients feel welcome and wanted, as well as offering another way to communicate offers and key information.
– Think ahead – for instance, have masks by the door for those who have forgotten.
– Limit numbers in your practice, give clients the option to wait outside or in their car, and stagger appointment times where possible.
– It’s a stressful and frustrating time for everyone, so be clinical where necessary but don’t forget to take the time to make it an enjoyable experience that makes their day. 

Get ready to market

While we’re firm believers that regular, ongoing contact with your clients should have taken place throughout lockdown, we know this hasn’t always been possible. If you’ve had to let your marketing slide, there are lots of ways you can leverage it for your clinic now it’s reopened. 

– Update your email templates and designs, and focus on a content strategy for Autumn. 
– Target loyal customers first. These are your ‘bread and butter’ – your top 20%.
– Thank your clients for their support – which can help boost that feeling of loyalty. 
– Communicate when and how you’re opening or operating, and share your plans for the future (whether a campaign, collaboration or exciting product or treatment).
– Ask for feedback. Not only can you get a sense of how customers feel about your business during and after lockdown, but you can also take the opportunity to refine your online experience or your in-clinic offering. 

And finally…

Different platform demands and different clinics create different strategies – while some businesses are playing the long game, others are in the short one. Investing through these times is often rewarded.

If you need help, advice and support in getting your business back up and running, talk to our team today. We have just launched our new flexible digital marketing packages to respond to your changing needs, whether it’s growing your reach or boosting conversion.