We are proud to recently launch the new website for Elanic Aesthetics Clinic, a purpose built private clinic in the heart of Glasgow. Elanics’ previous site was out of date and was in need of a complete redesign to reflect the practice more accurately and remain competitive with in Glasgow. The new website needed to be responsive and larger in size with more pages for more treatments and yet still easy for patients to find more information about each treatment. The home page is designed to give new visitors a feel that they are in the right place. Lovely interior, skilled team, full range of treatments and the ability to quickly contact the clinic or book a consultation.

The navigation has been built to change depending on if viewed on a desktop or mobile device by alternating between image based navigation or text links only. One of the other new navigation features we have used is the quick treatment drop down which helps locate the right treatment from what is quite a long selection.

The style of the clinic and brand ID gave us some great elements to work with and the interior and quality of photos we were able to use really helped to give the site a wow factor. We’re quite proud of the contact page too – we have played with some Google APIs to style up and change the Google map colour to reflect the clients branding

And have integrated a floating directions area which adds that all important detail and of course helps locate the clinic easily.

Let us know what you think. http://www.elanic.co.uk/

To talk about a redesign or new website please call 0115 9140 640