Keeping an eye on your website visitors

Do you make website changes on a hunch?

How do you decide where exactly is the best place on your website to put links to your implant page or orthodontics page?

Do you really spend time reading through your Google Analytics Report and if so actually understand it in order to make better changes to your website?

At H&P Design we want to ensure that every website we design and build is getting the best results for our clients and attracting the most new patients. We now have a way to analyse every click and decision your visitors make, which allows us to monitor the performance of any website page.

Find out where genuine visitors to your website – that click on your treatment pages and make online enquires are coming from. Our Active Data shows where on the website pages new and returning visitors are clicking even areas that are not pages. It also provides useful insights into when visitors are clicking including the day of the week and time along with the website that they have been referred from.

Is the most viewed area of your website containing links to implants or orthodontics? Our Heat Map shows the hot areas of your site, this is where most people are clicking. In our experience, the majority of clicks on a webpage are on offers, calls to actions and videos or image interactions.

Are important links and content not being seen by your patients? Our Scroll Map shows the areas in which visitors are spending the most time looking at the web page. This could be due to areas of interest on the web page, or the size of the browser they are looking at the web page in. This can give us more of an idea in future design and layout of the page content and size.

There is also a link list that shows which links are being clicked on the most. This can be used as a guide for the popularity of information on a client website and a decision can be made to make more emphasis on links with a low click rate or focus purely on the high activity links.

This software and analysis process is so useful because it tells us where most people are looking and this is where we can put key items of interest on the web page and items that visitors have a high level of interaction with. We can then use these results to offer clients an opportunity to address the layout, design and look of the web page to try to rectify key areas of the website being missed, or not clicked on. Best of all it is client friendly. It’s really easy to see immediately how potential new patients are using your website and how you need to make changes to get more new patients to book an appointment.

We offer clients this service as a monthly package or free of charge as part of our monthly Google optimisation.

“We have been working in partnership with Adam from H&P Design for the best part of two years and it is the best thing we ever did. I know a great deal about dentistry but very little about websites and search engine optimisation but I know enough to know how vital the website is to my business and that I need to work with someone I can trust and whose services I value.

When Adam introduced the thermal software I imagined it would be a bit gimmicky but it is brilliant. With it we can actually SEE how visitors are engaging with our website: what they look at, where they move their mouse, what they are not looking at or scrolling down to etc. This visual information allows us to refine our website in terms of content and design so that it becomes even more appealing to visitors and engages them in new and better ways so that any calls to action are eagerly up taken. I have no doubt that the integration of this software has improved the desirability of our website and its success in generating new business for our dental practice.”

Bev Harston
Practice Manager
Glendair Dental

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