Our out of date and aging website has now been updated, well completely replaced and over hauled to be honest!

We are finally proud parents of version 4. Which eventually went live last Thursday for the world to see. It’s been a long road to get here with some U turns along the way.

We started in January when we emailed clients and friends, something we haven’t done before, with two new design concepts. The results came back with some surprises – two thirds of people preferred one concept to another, this was because it showed immediately the services we provided. This gave us the information we needed to feel certain we were heading in the right direction. Ask any designer – doing your own website is tuff.

Functionally our new website had to be responsive. We’ve been building new responsive websites fro clients for over a year now, so it wasn’t an option not to have it for ourselves. For those that don’t know what this is – responsive websites detects what device your visitor is using to view your website and changes how it looks and the content on the website displayed – it perfectly adapts its self to each customer.

We love how our new site responds on tablets and smart phones. You may have also noticed the main navigation which is built using a new feature which locks when you scroll down the pages – this makes navigating through other parts of the website quicker and easier and doesn’t mean you get lost or bored easily – which often happens.

The wording for me proved to be the hardest challenge – it needed to reflect how creative and service orientated we are but also had to be down-to-earth and personal, and cover technical detail when necessary. We couldn’t have done this with out Spot On Business Planning who helped us. Thanks Vikki and Vicki.

The portfolio section has been built to show case some of our work in Healthcare, which we’re famous for, but other sectors too. Each service area – Branding, SEO, Branding etc. has a funnel page which you can see by clicking the main tab at the top – I’m especially fond of these. I guess I could go on a while about our new site – but ultimately you will be the judge. Please do let me know your thoughts, after all the site might wouldn’t have been so great with out your feedback to start with.