Luxury branding for dental membership

After working with Viva Dental to create a stunning new brand identity for their newly refurbished dental practice in Lancashire, they called upon our branding expertise to help them to brand their patient membership plans.

Our past experience in branding dental membership has been a great success for our clients and we would strongly recommend that all practices consider personalising and marketing their membership.

Branding your dental practice membership not only makes it look more personalised to the practice (rather than looking like a payment scheme offered by a third party), it also makes the option of membership more attractive and trustworthy to your patients.

We worked with Viva Dental to create the names for the different membership plans to suit the level of dental treatment cover they offer and whom they were suitable for. The names we decided upon were “Junior”, “Basic”, “Essential” and “Care”. We wanted the names to be simple as not to over complicate the membership options and to also sit well alongside “Viva”.

We created individual patient information cards for each membership plan to easily differentiate between the membership options. The design of each card uses elements of the brand identity of the practice for personalisation and to allow for the designs to site together as a group. They each use a unique colour hand picked from interior shots of the practice, which adds for a further level of personalisation, detail and quality.

The final designs work individually as an elegant stand-alone piece, but also look stunning as a set. The beautiful colours work perfectly with the sophisticated brand identity we had already established. A portfolio piece we’re proud to show off!

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