The fruity little fella that can take you anywhere

Trent Barton, a local Bus operating company in the East Midlands approached H&P for help to create a brand name for their new top up travel card.

The card was to be similar to that of the London Transport OysterTM card, which has been a great success. The card gives users the option of a convenient, modern and easy method to pay for travel. The concept of the card is to save time, money and hassle and the name for the card needed to reflect this.

After discussing the options with the company, we decided upon an evocative route for the name, something that was unique and powerful. The name that stuck was ‘Mango’.

‘Mango’ had all the elements that the client had asked for. It is memorable, friendly and engaging. It also is a case of “it does what it says on the tin”. You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. No hassle, no fuss. It is simple and to the point – a reflection of the concept and use of card.

Also, the name ‘Mango’ would visually allow for the use of bright, vivid colours and memorable design and marketing campaigns.

The client loved how the name was unique, eye catching and unusual and it’s a proud part of our brand naming portfolio. It’s been a great success and is now well established with transport users within the East Midlands – You might even have one yourself!

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