A personal approach to dental treatment

Tim Webber, a dentist based in Nottingham, came to H&P looking for a new website to promote his home orthodontic surgery. Tim offers a range of orthodontic treatments from fixed traditional braces through to cosmetic clear braces and has a wide demographic of clients.

The main selling point of Tim’s surgery is that it is based at his home and so the environment is very different to that of a larger practice. An appointment with Tim is a relaxed experience and he prides himself on being professional but approachable. This is very important as the patients that come to him are usually lacking in confidence and have worries and concerns about the treatment process.

We have created copy on the website that echoes these points; it is friendly and warm but spoken in a professional manner. There are key calls to action like “Say Hello” to contact Tim, and “There’s no need to rush!” in explaining the treatment process and appointment times. Expressing information in this way makes getting in touch easier.

Trust and personal service are other key areas that Tim wanted to convey. He communicates with his patients on a first-name basis. The whole process is personal and at the patient’s own pace. To illustrate this, the imagery on the website is welcoming and shows the surgery and grounds, and the patient consultation process. It is relaxed and informal and gives the patient an idea of what to expect prior to their appointment.

Tim offers his clients flexible evening appointment times so the client can make an appointment when it is convenient for them. We’ve made this a main feature on the website letting the patient know that Tim is happy to work around them.

The surgery and process are very different from a typical dental practice, a breath of fresh air, and so to reflect this, the website is fresh and light. The colours are bright without being overpowering and the subtle design displays information and videos clearly and simply.

You can see Tim’s site here:

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