We have recently completed a rebrand of Campbell and Peace into The Campbell Clinic.

Our brief was to create a website that is a patient-focused, treatment-based site, which focuses on what makes The Campbell Clinic unique: customer services, a 10-year treatment guarantee, and the highly skilled team.

There are two distinct customer groups for The Campbell Clinc – patients and dental professionals – therefore, we created a website that let users navigate easily to The Campbell Clinic treatment pages or The Campbell Academy.

The design is stylish, bright, detailed and interactive. We used circles throughout the website to create a different look that flows from the logo.

Our aim was to keep the function of the website simple and make it as easy to navigate around as possible. For this reason, the navigation is different depending on where the viewer is on the website.

The Home page provides a clear entry point for both patients and dental professionals, signposting their route through the site.

On the Home page and in the side bar of the treatment pages, we consistently shout about The Campbell Clinic’s 10-year guarantee on premium dental implant treatments because it sets the practice apart.

Visit The Campbell Clinic website

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