Professional social media pages that look the part

The ITI (International Team for Implantology) came to H&P wanting to promote the UK and Ireland section of the organisation. They were very keen to interact with and reach as many people as possible from one place.

Their main target was self-promotion and awareness of the organisation to other dental professionals and also to release news articles and information on their research for members to get easy access to.

They were keen to embrace modern methods of communication and after discussing the benefits and different options available to The ITI, they decided to choose social media pages using Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Social media gives companies a platform to quickly and easily share information with large volumes of people and professional contacts. Personalising your social network page gives visitors the impression of professionalism and trust in your brand.

We created a Twitter and Facebook business page for The ITI and designed both pages to suit the current brand identity of the organisation.

In Twitter, we’ve achieved this by creating a professional background image to include the organisation’s mission, contact details and brand imagery taken from their existing website. We have also amended the Twitter profile page settings to suit the colour scheme of the brand identity.

On the Facebook page, we have created a profile picture that includes contact details and also set the profile to open on a welcome landing page. We have designed this page to again reflect the theme of their current website and provided links to key areas that the organisation wanted to promote and that members would mostly access. The welcome page also has a call to action at the top of the screen to ‘Like’ the profile.

With these social media options being easy to use, readily available via mobile Internet and followers joining the pages daily in high numbers, it is a quick and simple way to keep your members and professional peers up to date with all your latest news, products and company information.

Take a look at the profiles we’ve created here:

“In the lead to up to recent ITI UK and Ireland Congress in Liverpool, we asked a local English design agency to provide us with some branded ITI work on Facebook and Twitter. This was to enable us to publicise the event as widely as possible and the company we used was Hampson & Partners.

The work that was produced by Adam and his team was first class, on deadline and exactly as we would have liked. They used their expertise and knowledge of the area to provide an excellent outcome that we were able to use to publicise our event very successfully. The ITI are very grateful to Adam and his team for producing such high quality work at such short notice and we would be happy to use them again at any time”.

Sven Pfeiffer
ITI UK and Ireland

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