Breathing new life into traditional medical journals

After working with The IMPT (The Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists & Technologists) to redesign their brand and website with great success, they retuned to H&P with another project.

They produce a journal that includes papers and research from their members and publish this once or twice a year. They wanted to update the journal as it was widely seen as old fashioned and did not tie in with the new brand look that we had created for their website. They were also interested in making the journal widely available to their members so they could access it whenever they needed it without paying for the print production costs.

We worked closely with The IMPT’s editorial team to produced a new design for the journal that would update it, making it easier to read and sit alongside the new branding design, without alienating traditional members and moving too far from the layout and style of previous journals.

To allow for their members to have easy access to the journal, we uploaded a pdf version to the members area on their website, therefore, only members can see the journal. We also added an abstract summary to the website for non-members to view the articles available in order for them to buy copies from The IMPT. Having the journal online makes accessing the journal quick and easy for members. They also have the option to download and print the journal for themselves if they wish to do so.

The journal launched at the beginning of December and has been very well received by IMPT members. Bringing new life to their journal has given the editorial team hope of more members wanting to submit papers to future journals and we’re pleased to be invited back to help produced them.

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