With constantly changing trends in technology and design, it’s important to make sure your website looks modern and professional. Outdated content can negatively affect your SEO, but adding new content, updating existing content, or even changing the aesthetics of the site can give you a boost in Google rankings. A few small tweaks, and you could not only be attracting new website visitors, but also converting them into clients.

Essential Content Updates

Team Page: Have you taken on new employees, or said goodbye to team members? Updating your team page and contact information will better reflect current practitioners and staff members.

Price Page: Have any of your products had a price increase? Client enquiry conversations that quote out-of-date website prices can be awkward! Avoid this situation by ensuring your prices are current. It’s worth going through all your product descriptions and making sure they’re put up to date too.

Spring promotions: Want to get more sales out of existing clients, or create an eye-catching campaign to raise brand awareness? A Spring promotion landing page, boosted with a Facebook or Google ad, should bring a flurry of new client interest. And the more people who are visiting your website – the more Google will notice, and push you up the rankings.

New treatments: Have you recently started offering a new product or service? Don’t forget to shout about it on your website! The more compelling information you can provide about it on your website, the more sales you can expect!

Clinic membership: Membership schemes are great for boosting client loyalty. Whether you have an existing membership scheme for your clinic, or you’re considering starting one, it’ll be beneficial to you to provide as much relevant information as you can about what’s included on your website.   

Patient ‘Before and After’ photos: It might be tempting to leave your most effective ‘before and after’ images on your website, but regular visitors to your online content may become suspicious if these are never updated. It implies you don’t have any recent success stories.

Reviews: Got a great new review that you simply haven’t had time to put up on your website yet? Our advice is – make the time. That review can be doing the selling for you, while you’re busy with other tasks.

Home page banners: Google likes newness, and so do clients. Regular clients are not going to be sold on a stale product image and tagline they’ve seen on your website a million times. Pique their interest with something new!

Newsletter pop-ups: If you’re not already offering a newsletter pop-up, then you could be losing clients to rivals who are. We know from experience that these pop-ups offer website visitors an easy way to keep updated with brands they love. It’s also an easy way for you to inform potential leads and existing clients of any new products or promotions.

Essential Website Updates

Out-of-date website plugins can cause a security threat, making it easier for a virus or malware to attack your website. It’s far cheaper and safer to prevent this situation, than fix it once it has occurred. Prevention is as simple as keeping all your plugins updated.

Always make sure your website is running with the latest version of your software. This will allow your website to take advantage of any new software features and functionality, as well as help it run smoothly and efficiently. Providing a great user experience for visitors should encourage them to return, and help you gain their trust.

Energise Your Brand

The first impression potential clients get of your brand can be a make-or-break factor in their decision to do business with you. Creating a strong visual connection with clients will help you stand out from competitors and increase customer loyalty. Is your brand lacking in any way? Is it looking up to date? It’s worth doing a little market research to ensure your brand is as potent as your competitors’. Plus, don’t forget that if you do make any brand updates – that’s newsworthy! Let your clients know, and ask for feedback.

Update Your Website Policies

When we were in lockdown, it was important to let clients know about changes to your services due to the Covid pandemic. Is your Covid policy still visible? We’re guessing you’ll need to change it, if it is.

Other website policies that it’s worth updating to reflect any changes in the law, or your business, are privacy policies, refund policies, and cookie policies. This will not only ensure you are compliant with the law, but indicate to your clients that you are trustworthy. Plus, letting clients know about changes to your policies is another good reason to get in touch with them again!

How Does Updating Your Website Content Improve
Your Google Ranking?

Google prefers to showcase websites with content that is relevant. It rewards websites that are consistently updated with higher rankings. If you’ve already completed the recommended updates we’ve provided above, but you’d like to consistently offer Google and your clients new content, regular blog posts are ideal.

Blog posts signal to Google that you’re active and providing valuable information, while at the same time indicate to your clients that you are a thought leader in your industry. Giving Google and website visitors the most up to date information about your business, will please both of them.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to write fresh blog posts every week or month, but you’d like the SEO benefits they bring, you can outsource them to us. Get in touch to find out the sort of valuable information you could be providing to your clients on a regular basis.