Here at Cosmetic Digital, we are busy handling everything from SEO and social media, to design, development and content. However when it comes to carving a niche, social media is one of the best platform to use. In this post, we’ll go through some essential ‘dos and don’ts’ of posting social on platforms, taking some of the guesswork out of your social media marketing.

Do engage with your followers

Social media is chiefly about engagement and raising your company’s profile, through:

Responding to comments – even negative comments can be leveraged to your advantage, showing followers a professional, reactive and open side to your business.

Sharing content and expertise – position yourself as an expert by sharing relevant trends and industry content, and don’t forget your rivals. Sharing their posts could lead to reciprocation, collaboration, or at the very least, a sense of community.

Encouraging interaction – using story content, holding competitions and hosting giveaways generate excitement – just be sure to keep it tactful, not spammy.

Do partner up

Leading on from our previous point, partnerships with influencers and celebrities can help boost your business even further. However, be savvy – some ‘influencers’ pay for followers and in this industry, authenticity is what sells.

Do unique content

It’s no use having social profiles if you’re not going to use them wisely. A ‘one size fits all’ approach wont work, and may turn followers off. Original content – tailored to the right platform, raises engagement and hits the mark best. Of course, wherever you post, it’s important to keep your tone of voice and key language consistent.

When it comes to content, one of the best things to post is your own imagery. From watermarked or stylised ‘before & afters’ which demonstrate your skill and expertise, to pictures of your practice clinic or practice, to photos of your team and day-to-day busy life, there’s lots you can do to build on the familiarity and a connection –before they even met you.

Of course, you can also post to inform your audience – whether it’s news about your latest treatments, or a new qualification or accolade that cements you as an industry expert.

Don’t get left behind

Social is rife with trends – make sure you’re part of the moment to maximise the moment. Follow similar accounts to find out what’s on your industry and clients radar, and read industry reports to predict or at least get a feel for what’s on the horizon. Keeping an eye on your competitors is ad double edge sword. Stay true to your own ways but don’t ignore the conversation.

Social media platforms are unique in that they involve the use of hashtags – so you can capitalise on what’s trending now. Best practice is to list them at the end of your post, mixing up big and small content hashtags, while ensuring that they’re all relevant to your content and especially your business.

Do post often

While every clinic is different, and followings will vary depending on your location and the specific content you post, regular posts ensure you’re fresh in people’s feeds and faces. Of course, the post rate does depend on the platform, as some require more than others.

Don’t neglect a strategy

While some of your content will invariably be reactive, it still pays to have a plan in place. You can then strategise around retail and marketing holidays, and plot action around your business goals – from increasing enquiries, to boosting awareness.

Don’t forget to track with tools

Back when you setup your social media pages, you no doubt had clear expectations of what you wanted to achieve – whether it was raising your business profile, or encouraging visits to your website. Keep on top of activity with top analytical tools, which can measure everything from likes and shares, to clicks and referrals.

Do balance organic and paid

The best social profiles use a carefully considered combination of organic (free) and paid content. Paid social is a way to boost your business by increasing your reach and exposure, and honing your targeting with more specific metrics. Don’t forget to use clear paths to funnel your targeted traffic to back to your site. 

Don’t struggle alone

When it comes to successfully managing your social, you need time and plenty of creativity. Our Marketing team can help increase your brand awareness, increase your audience and generate leads that convert, bringing more business to your clinic and expanding your client base.

If you’re ready to take the social media marketing plunge, get in touch with our expert team today.