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Share Counselling, Nottingham based counselling service, were so pleased with the brand identity design we created for them that they approached us to design their new website. The client wanted a website that followed the same theme as the idea behind the brand identity; reflect a sensitive subject and relate to the user making them feel comfortable, whilst remaining professional.

The client wanted to avoid negative language and imagery and too much information about types of distress and therapy, but focus more on relaying how they can help a potential therapy user. We have created a site that is original and does not fall into the cliché that other counselling and therapy websites have presented. The site is focused around how therapy can help their clients and the life changing benefits they can achieve.

The site uses non-stereotypical imagery of everyday scenes involving people and situations that may find counselling a source of help and relief, for example; gay couples, families and disability. The images focus on people enjoying life, focusing on the positive end results and feelings you can achieve through therapy.

There is a warm, friendly and relaxed tone to the copy, describing how Share Counselling can help their clients’, not focusing on technical definitions of what counseling is. This approach centres the site on providing solutions to problems and how working together can develop better ways of thinking, feeling and coping with individual situations.

We’ve enjoyed working with Share Counselling and have created some work to be proud of, and hopefully, a website that people will find helpful and approachable.

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