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A treatment-based and niche skin clinic for ethnic skin based in London

The Hyperpigmentation Clinic centres itself around a specific treatment journey treating uneven pigmentation in black, Asian, and ethnic skin. The treatment is specifically formulated to treat people of colour and has built a reputation and brand around this.

The Brief

Our challenge was to design a functional and clinical website that would help build the Hyperpigmentation Clinic into the go-to treatment provider for people of colour’s hyperpigmentation treatment. We needed to create a reflection of the medical and clinical research that has gone into developing this treatment, as well as presenting this information so that it is understood by all.

The Strategy

We presented the website with the prestige it deserved. We worked closely with Dr Rattan to create a web presence for the world’s first specialist in hyperpigmented ethnic skin. The colours and branding remained clean and clinical and the treatment journey was mapped through easy to digest information pathways.

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