A reflection of a beautiful practice

Platinum Dental Care came to H&P with a full branding brief, including generating a name for the practice that they had recently took over and fully refurbished.

The practice, based in the heart of the Docklands, London is a high end dental practice with a target audience of young professionals as they are the main passing custom within this busy business area of London. Everything about the practice is smart, elegant and of the highest quality and the practice wanted a name and identity to reflect this.

The name that was agreed upon was ‘Platinum Dental Care’. The client felt that this name in particular stood out from the other ideas and sounded as if it would be service of a high quality and this is what they wanted their patients to feel they were receiving.

The logo is based around the practice location and accents of the Docklands water environment are shown using water ripples under the practice name. The client wanted to stress that the new improved practice was modern and state-of-the-art and so a contemporary font was chosen for the text element of the logo.

The blue and silver colour palette is also an echo of the waterside location. When seen in print, the blue and silver colours are spot metallic inks adding sheen to the logo, again following up on the glimmering water theme. This finishing touch also adds elegance and attention to detail, a reflection on their professional service and care.

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