Petite Gateaux came to H&P Design with the brief of creating a brand identity for their bespoke handmade cake company. Their brand ethos is to deliver beautifully handmade cakes with simplicity and elegance.

They were keen to include elements of the cake making and decorating process into the logo design to reflect the delicate movement and finishing touches involved in their service.

With this in mind, we chose a font that reflects the delicate and elegant results of the cakes they produce. It also echoes the free flowing movement of the icing process with the added elaboration of the letters into icing swirl movements.

For a finishing touch, we have added a small simple flower over the dot of the ‘i’ as a symbol of attention to detail and cake decoration.

To frame to logo and make it prominent, the text is mounted onto a solid coloured ribbon end. The flower and ribbon features in the logo can be used as devices for further design development within the brand.

Using elements of the baking process and items associated with decorating cakes gives a much more subtle nod to the industry and reflects the company’s creative and elegant product execution.

This has been a lovely little project to work on and one we proudly add to our portfolio. Everyone loves a bit of cake don’t they?

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