If you’re looking for ways to make your website more engaging and interesting to visitors, then dynamic content may be the way forward. Most web pages are static – in other words, the content stays the same at any time of day or night, regardless of who’s viewing the page. Dynamic content, on the other hand, is content that is generated at the time someone requests a web page and, therefore, changes based on factors such as the location of the visitor, the time of day, social media activity, or the visitor’s behaviour.

Dynamic content for clinic websites

At Cosmetic Digital, we’re excited to be adding dynamic content to a growing number of our clients’ websites. It’s a fantastic way to give website visitors more value and for our clients to stand out from their competitors.

So, how can you make your clinic website more dynamic? Here are some practical ideas:

Late availability appointments


Aesthetics Lab is a thriving clinic in Primrose Hill with appointments often booked weeks and months in advance. Like any clinic though, there are quieter times of the day or week, and appointment cancellations. To keep the diary as full of bookings as possible, Aesthetics Lab has added a dynamic ‘Late availability’ tab to their website. It sits unobtrusively on the right hand side of the desktop screen or there’s the option for mobile users to download the free bookings and late availability app to their device. Visitors simply click on the available dates to grab a late appointment.

Live chat


Another dynamic feature on the Aesthetics Lab site is an ‘Online’ tab to the bottom right of the screen. Website visitors can click on this tab to have a live chat with a member of the Aesthetics Lab team; if staff are offline, the tab says so and lets visitors leave a message. This is a simple way for potential patients to ask questions about treatments, discuss their needs in addition to their initial consultation, and discuss booking an appointment. In turn, this can overcome many of the barriers to making an appointment, such being unfamiliar with the clinic, treatment options or prices.

Fast track enquiries


Evolve Dentistry in Bristol were looking for ways to use dynamic content to increase new patient enquiries and appointment bookings. We created a bespoke ‘Fast track enquiry’ form that sits on the main menu, using the lime green accent colour from Evolve’s branding to make the tab stand out from the rest of the navigation. Even if website visitors scroll down the page, the main navigation menu remains visible, as does the Fast Track Enquiry form. Visitors to the website can see at a glance how to make an enquiry – it’s simple and hassle-free.


Another lovely and effective dynamic touch on the Evolve website is the ‘Locate’ pin to the top left-hand side of the website’s main header, as well as a ‘Locate us’ tab on the footer. Visitors to the site click on the pin and are taken to an embedded view of Google maps on the site’s Contact page. As an extra dynamic feature, the photograph of the clinic reception with its ‘We are located here’ message drops down from the top of the screen like a pin being placed into a physical map.

Visitors next pop their postcode into the prominent ‘Where to find us’ box and are taken straight to Google Maps for step-by-step directions, making visiting the clinic as easy and stress-free as possible.

Blog feed


A further example of dynamic content can be seen on the Elanic website where, at the bottom of each page, there’s a blog feed for Elanic’s popular aesthetics blog. Every time a new article is posted to the blog, a link and snippet of the opening lines appears in the blog feed throughout the website. As the blog is updated regularly, visitors see fresh content whenever they visit the site, as does Google.

Showcasing a regularly updated blog using dynamic content is an effective way for a clinic to engage with new and repeat clients, build the clinic brand, demonstrate the expertise of its staff, and communicate the clinic’s unique personality.

Social media feeds

If you regularly update your social media content and either have an active community of followers or want to grow your social media presence, then think about adding live social media feeds to your website. Again, this is dynamic content that shows website visitors what people are talking to you about and how you communicate with the community you’ve created online and in person.

Whether you want to feature your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feeds – or another platform altogether – there’s a dynamic solution that will help you create engagement when someone visits your site.

Another benefit of adding live social media feeds to your website is that you can offer people the facility to like or follow your page straight from the web page they’re viewing, making it quick and easy to keep up-to-date with your latest news.

The right dynamic content for your clinic

These are just a few examples of how dynamic content can grab visitors’ attention and lift your website from the OK to the exceptional. You might also want to use dynamic content to let people know your clinic is currently open (or closed), show potential patients treatments that might interest them, advertise specific projects, and more.

At Cosmetic Digital, we create dynamic content that works brilliantly however it’s being viewed – whether on a desktop or mobile device – and strive to offer interactive features that enhance the website visitor’s experience. In other words, we’re all about dynamic content with a purpose.

Interested in how to make your website more dynamic? Cosmetic Digital can help. Call us on 0115 9140 640 to start a conversation.