Did you attend dental school with an expectation of becoming a dentist and enjoying a lifestyle that you thought went hand in hand with that career choice? 

How has that worked out for you? For many dentists, reality has not quite met the expectation.

Do you recognise your experience in any of these scenarios:

  • You’ve reached the point where the old answers don’t work anymore and your practice is at best stagnating or even going backwards, and you don’t know what to do about it.
  • You’ve recently purchased a practice and things are not going as well as anticipated.
  • You’re thinking of buying a practice but you’re not sure how profitable it will be or how to run it to maximise the opportunity post acquisition.
  • You’re nearing retirement and want to exit on the best possible value.

The difference that makes the difference

If you want to transform your financial result, attend our two-day course in association with the BDA, and identify what is holding your business success back. This is a once a year event so don’t miss out on your opportunity to discover how to transform your financial result.

To run a business differently you have to think differently.  Success leaves clues.  Andy McDougall from Spot On Business Planning will illustrate how proven techniques, used by the most successful businesses, can be deployed in your practice.

This no-nonsense course is packed with game changing ideas and must-have methodologies. Join us and learn what works, what doesn’t and why.

Results are unavoidable but if it’s great results you’re after, join Andy for two days that will unravel the puzzle of profitability.

The course, in conjunction with BDA, is ideal for practice owners and managers who want to get results! Part one is on January 29 and part two, February 26.

For details and to book your place

Andy McDougall – http://www.spoton-businessplanning.co.uk/our-approach.php

Spot On Business Planning – http://www.spoton-businessplanning.co.uk/recognise-this.php

Learn what works – http://www.spoton-businessplanning.co.uk/clients.php