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The DES (Dentistry, Education and Scones) Conference is a new, innovative CPD event from The Campbell Clinic and The Campbell Academy.

Comprising of eighteen-minute lectures which promise to be fresh, thought-provoking and maybe even sometimes controversial, the DES Conference will provide dental CPD like no other.

Friday 17th June 2016, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Nottingham, £150.

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Chris Barrow – ‘Boomers, X-men and Millenials’
Chris will give an eighteen-minute (or so) round up of life coaching and life launching. A way to reinvigorate yourself with a new career and within your life.

Richard Brookshaw – ‘Treatment of an impossible dental patient’
Richard is a pioneer and huge exponent of immediate full arch loading in the All-On-4 concept. He has taken this one step further with zygomatic implants and is one of the most experienced in the use of these in the UK. A very short whistle-stop tour of what we can do to help patients who have otherwise been defined as ‘dental no-hopers’.

Colin Campbell – ‘The Time Machine – creating a life in a busy world’
Colin will give a short lecture on a different way to do case notes and emails using digital technology. If you are prepared to take this on it’s perhaps the most important lecture you will hear this year. This method of case notes has also been tested by the GDC and found to have no fault.

Andrew Legg – ‘Flaps and Flanges’
Andy’s lecture will be a mixture of surgery and restorative dentistry to give tips that you might not have heard elsewhere.

Rajan Nansi – ‘Clean between your teeth or DIE’
Rajan will give a short summary of the links of periodontal disease to systemic health and how you can discuss these with your patient.

Neil Poyser – ‘The end of implants? 18 minutes of precision attachments’
Neil will give alternative treatments to implant dentistry; the use of precision attachments (for which he is an expert) and how to attach dentures in all types of circumstances.

James Russell – ‘Ethics and predictability in aesthetic dentistry’
James is a well known dentist from‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and will be able to describe his concept of minimally invasive and minimally interventional cosmetic dentistry using alignment, bleaching and bonding technologies all in under twenty minutes.

Beatriz Sanchez – ‘The power of a smile’
Beatriz will talk about her experiences on the other side, as a patient, and how important our approach, understanding and empathy is when treating patients.

Dhru Shah – ‘The future of education’
Dhru (from Dentinal Tubules) will talk about the future of dental education.

Mark Topley – ‘Dental charity – it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’
Mark is the CEO of Bridge2Aid and will give us all some perspective in how lucky we are when he talks about dental charity work in Tanzania.

Friday 17th June 2016, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Nottingham, £150.

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