With the growing demand for injectable treatments, more clinics than ever are putting special effort into promoting them. And just how much demand are injectables experiencing? According to a study by Grandview Research, the Facial Injectable Market is projected to reach $15.4 Billion by 2030!

That said, as you are probably aware, there are strict regulations about how you advertise injectable treatments. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) provides clear guidelines for marketing them. The guidelines recommend that as a clinic, you need to be careful about injectable wording, not directly sell them to the public (as it is prescription only), not influence a patient’s decision, not specifically label what the treatments may help, and nor can you mention injectable brand names.

Does it feel like you have one hand tied behind your back? You know you’re sitting on a treatment that may help a lot of your patients and potential patients, but you feel like you can’t talk about it. Perhaps you find it baffling that your competitors are so hung up about ranking on Google for the keywords you know potential patients are putting into the search engines, but you feel they are off-limits. We’re here to help.

As long as you are mindful of your approach, you can market your injectables, boost your revenue, and tap into new patient demographics. In this article we’re going to give you our 7 top tips on best marketing practices; that you can use to grow your business.

1. Differentiate your Practice with Strong Branding

Establishing a strong brand identity for your injectable treatments is essential if you want to be competitive. Yes, you can use the free graphics and marketing materials your suppliers provide to raise awareness of your treatments, but there’s every chance that’s exactly what all of your closest rivals are doing.  

How can you introduce a stronger sense of your USP into your injectable marketing to make you stand out? What is it that you can do better than everyone else? Perhaps it’s unique before and after images, better promotions, and a special twist on customer care priorities. These can all put you ahead of the game. Through more innovative injectable branding, you can not only differentiate your practice but also leave a lasting impression on potential patients.

2. Collaborate with Influencers and Local Businesses

Harness the power of social influence by partnering with local influencers and businesses to drive injectable patients to your practice. We’re not saying you need to re-mortgage to get a Kardashian, but rather approach local beauty micro-influencers who have a loyal following. They can help increase exposure and attract new patients.

Local micro-influencers might appreciate unique collaborations and discounted treatments from you. That may be all that’s needed for them to mention your business, and share their experiences at your clinic with their followers.

Additionally, you could consider collaborating with local beauty product businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships that showcase your involvement in the community. By leveraging influencers and local businesses, you can expand your reach and attract a broader audience.

3. Offer irresistible Discounts and Upgrades

To encourage repeat business and entice new patients, consider offering discounts and upgrades for injectable treatments. By providing extra value, you can encourage patients to choose your practice over competitors.

What can you offer as a complimentary add-on with every injectable treatment? A mini-facial? A beauty product? As long as it’s different from the add-ones your rivals are offering, you stand a good chance of tempting their clients away from them, and through your doors instead.

Bundling services with a discount can also attract patients who are considering multiple treatments but may be hesitant due to budget constraints. Special offers like “Buy 3 injectable treatments, get the 4th one free,” create a sense of urgency. And then giving these offers an expiration date will add time pressure.

4. Video Content can provide more authentic Engagement

Video content is a powerful tool for engaging with potential patients, but few aesthetic businesses are using it to its full advantage. Rather than relying solely on before and after pictures, videos offer an authentic perspective that allows viewers to assess treatment results and experience.

It’s a great way to provide transparency, address patient concerns, and build trust with prospective injectable patients. Put yourself in the shoes of first-time patients. They will naturally feel nervous because they’re not sure what to expect. But that’s exactly what you’re going to show them!

Consider creating video content showcasing practice walk-throughs, and patient testimonials. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube are ideal for sharing engaging video content and reaching a wide audience. You can then maximise the impact of your video, by linking it to your website and email campaigns.

5. Host Virtual Events to Educate and Engage

Virtual events offer a convenient way for patients to learn more about your clinic, how injectable treatments work, and the application process, from the comfort of their homes. Why not showcase your expert practitioners as they participate in live demos or Q&A sessions, as well as invite respected industry guests. Who doesn’t like a bit of positive exposure! In this way, you can position your practice as a trusted authority in the field.

Promote these events through your social media channels and encourage viewers to sign up for complimentary virtual consultations. By hosting virtual events, you can enhance brand visibility, establish credibility, and attract interested patients who are actively seeking aesthetic treatments.

6. Create an Informative Blog for Injectable Treatment Education

A well-crafted blog post can be a valuable asset for attracting new patients to your injectable-providing practice. Patients often research their options and seek answers to their questions online before committing to a treatment, and you can be ready to answer their concerns before they even meet you.

By providing informative blog articles that address common injectable questions and concerns, you can position your practice as a knowledgeable resource. Tailor your content to mirror patients’ search queries and optimise it for search engine visibility.

Offer insights into the injectable treatment process, potential benefits, and safety considerations. Additionally, incorporate interactive quizzes and self-assessment tools to engage readers and help them determine if injectables are the right choice for them. A blog post that educates and empowers potential patients can drive organic traffic to your website; all of whom may be future patients.

7. Use Paid Ads to promote your Injectable Services

There are so many different types of paid advertising options that will raise awareness of your injectable services that we don’t have time to go into the whys, hows, and results of each one, but below are a few of our favourites. (The key to all Paid Ads success, by the way, is knowing what you’re doing. If you’re uncertain, it’s better to outsource that to an online industry-specific digital marketer. Don’t lose time and a lot of money on getting it wrong. Paying a marketing company should help you make more money, even with their costs built in.)

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • YouTube Pre-Roll Ads
  • Google Ads

Next Steps

With a comprehensive and strategic approach to injectable marketing, you can attract more patients, boost revenue, and thrive in the competitive aesthetic industry. Everything we’ve mentioned in this article can be included, potentially to great effect, in an injectable marketing campaign.

If you’d love to tap into the injectable market in a bigger way, without falling foul of advertising standards or losing money on wasted marketing efforts, you can hire a marketing company to help you. Cosmetic Digital is a digital marketing leader in the cosmetic field. We’d be happy to have a chat about your requirements.