Our latest website build is live. The Hyperpigmentation Clinic is the world’s only specialist hyperpigmentation treatment centre designed to accommodate people of colour. Dr Vanita Rattan provides professional grade hyperpigmentation treatment using a Mandelic based treatment packed with Tyrosinase inhibitors designed for ethnic skin.

Cosmetic Digital and The Hyperpigmentation Clinic agreed that their website needed to demonstrate their prowess and professionalism. With this in mind, their site was designed to be sleek, functional, and informative. Cosmetic Digital have integrated the science behind the expert treatment into timeless and stylish design. By incorporating videos, image and review carousels and responsive navigation, the dynamic design encapsulates the expertise of the treatment.

If you are curious about what Cosmetic Digital could do for your business’s online presence, please refer to our contact page to make an enquiry, or to book a consultation.

Visit the website here.