And the award for best client testimonial goes to…

In past years, we’ve been telling our clients all about the benefits of video testimonials from their own customers and how much these can influence potential new clients to choose you over the competition. Now… we’ve decided to take our own advice and create our own client testimonials.

We worked closely with a local company, Milligo, based in Derby to create the videos. We provided the art direction, music, the clients and the stills for the videos and they do the rest! The videos Milligo have produced for us are relaxed and natural. They look and feel trusting, believable and honest.

We have taken the opportunity to use these videos as case studies and have added stills of portfolio work we have created for the client that is shown partway through the video. This breaks up the video from having just one person talking to the camera for a minute and also allows us to showcase the work we have created for the client.

When creating video testimonials, you must remember to think of all the little details, not just what the subject is wearing or looks like, but also what’s happening in the background of the shot, is it clean and tidy? Is this portraying the right idea about your business? As an additional detail to the video, we added some subtle inspirational background music which plays under the voice of the subject and gets a little louder when the portfolio slides are shown – this provides a seamless transitional period between the 2 sections of the video and is an additional tool to retain the attention of the viewer.

Our videos are up on our website, check them out here:

If you’re a client and would like to leave us some feedback in this way, get in touch and we’ll add you to our cast list!

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