The buzz treatments in dentistry at the moment seem to be ‘orthodontics’ and ‘invisible braces’. We’re finding that more and more practices are providing orthodontic treatments and new systems, as this often is very profitable for the practice.

Open days or evenings are a great way to promote new products, treatments and services to a mass audience and can help to drive sales and increase patient numbers.

H&P Design understands different marketing channels and what works best for the budget you have and the product you want to promote. With the knowledge of creating the right marketing strategy and understanding your patients’ habits, we know the difference between getting new business and wasting money.

We have produced innovative marketing for Invisalign and Six Month Smiles open evening events for several of our clients and have had great success. We worked closely with one client to promote their Invisalign open evening and the result was 30 new patients in one day!

Patients also benefit from these events as they get the chance to ask the dental team questions about the treatment for complete peace of mind. Offering a discount on treatment or consultations on these evenings can often increase sales and new patient numbers, a plus for both parties.

Another benefit to practice open evenings is that you can invite patients who have had orthodontic treatment to talk about their experience and results with other prospective patients. You can also take this opportunity to film patient reviews, testimonials and take before and after photos. These are key to selling cosmetic treatments such as orthodontic systems and what better way to do this then when patients are looking their best and showing off their new smiles.

Would you like more new patients? We have the experience and results to help you to get them.

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