At Cosmetic Digital, our team are well-informed about the latest big-name tech, industry news and marketing updates that affect your business. Serving the aesthetics, dental and healthcare markets, this post focuses on three key ways that tech is tackling the pandemic from a healthcare perspective. 

YouTube halts covid misinformation 

In the Western world, the concept of ‘’free speech’’ is highly valued. But what happens when it’s damaging to lives and businesses?  Since December 2019’s Wuhan outbreak – where scientists say the virus emerged in a marketplace – coronavirus has steadily gained pace and spread to countries around the globe. Some have reacted to this with claims the virus was ‘’lab-grown’’ while others have stated it’s an elaborate, multi-government hoax. Others still have claimed that the virus’ death rate is so low, it’s not a threat. The concern is that the public will ignore prevention measures such as social distancing, quarantining and lockdown and may refuse vaccination, all of which puts millions at risk.

One of the key online areas for spreading misinformation is YouTube’s video platform. The Google-owned giant says it has removed more than half a million videos which do just that, banning anything that contradicts the stance of public health bodies, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

Other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have also cracked down on misinformation, although much of the data is around that of ‘miracle cures’. The measure is particularly welcomed at a time which sees online usage skyrocket.

Wearables ‘stop the spread’

As much as 70% of those who contract covid are asymptomatic for the first few days after being infected; around 20% are thought to be asymptomatic for the entire duration of having the virus. 

The Oura – a Finnish-developed smart ring – could be the missing link set to change everything. In a study of 3,400 people, the rings looked at temperature data from a portion of those who later tested positive for the virus. It found changes up to 3 days in advance of the onset of symptoms; those people were then advised to self-test. 

Aside from its uses for covid, the Oura is also entering the wider health and fitness sphere with the wearable ring able to track biometrics such as sleep quality, wakefulness, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Other business in a similar arena include Canada’s BlueDot, software that helps warn about potential outbreaks, and has allowed regions to take preventative measures and contain the spread of the virus; and Biosticker, a medical wearable which measures temperature, respiration rate and coughing every 10 minutes. 

Robots lead the disinfection charge

Disinfecting institutions has always been a concern, but never more so than during a pandemic. Enter Blue Ocean Robotics, creators of 100% autonomous robots which disinfect in as little as ten minutes and kill 99.9% of pathogens. 

The UVD robots – that’s ultra-violet disinfection – are clinically proven to disinfect while ‘on the move’ and are said to be safe, reliable and easy to use. Far from using chemicals, the robots use high intensity light, called UVC, which kills pathogens through damaging their proteins. A form of ultra-violet light, UVC can disinfect liquids, surfaces and even air. In a healthcare setting, it can be used on equipment, PPE and even areas such as the treatment room. 

Ways to benefit your business…

With the rise in online misinformation, some healthcare professionals are taking matters into their own hands – and seeing a boost in their business along the way. One New York-based Family Medicine Doctor, known as Doctor Mike, runs a video series called ‘Coronavirus Truth’ and highlights media misconceptions, dispels internet rumours and fact-checks those in power – a strategy that could work for your own healthcare practice, as it elevates trust while informing and educating your patients. 

As for fitness wearables, your clinic or practice could benefit from physical or webshop sales and gain kudos for jumping on the next trend before it becomes big. While robots are out of reach for most of us, there is a definite upward tick in those seeking UVC devices for their homes and businesses, and investing in one for your practice or clinic shows you’re a safe place for your patients. 

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