When you type ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ into Google, along with the city or town where you’re based, you’re performing the same action people looking for Botox treatment locally are also doing. These people are all your potential customers, and if you’re appearing on the first page of Google, there’s a good chance they’ll enquire about your services. (Depending on how appealing your website looks to them.)

This is an example of great SEO in action. First page of Google. And potential new customers are responding. Good aesthetics SEO means your website is coming up at the top of Google when people type in one of the treatments you offer. It means potential customers are seeing your website before those of your local competitors, which may be much lower in the Google search system. It gives you a great business advantage. 

A high Google positioning makes you look more of an authority in your field. It makes your reviews more prominent than the reviews of other aesthetic clinics. And it ensures a steady flow of traffic from Google to your website. Great SEO is effectively marketing your services for you, without you having to lift a finger. It will naturally lead to an increase in your sales and your customer base; helping you to grow your business.

SEO for my aesthetic clinic versus Google ads

If you’re not doing any search engine marketing for your aesthetic clinics, then the chances are that your business is not coming up on the first page of Google for relevant search terms, i.e. the names of the treatments you offer. So, for example, if you offer a comprehensive range of dermal filler treatments, but you’ve not done any work on your aesthetics SEO, when potential new customers type ‘tired eye treatment’, or ‘lip fillers’, into Google search, it’s likely they’ll see information about the aesthetic clinics of your competitors, and not yours. You’ll be losing business.

Google ads is an affective way to instantly place yourself at the top of search again, however you must pay for ads each time you place one. It might seem like a quick fix to the situation, but it’s not. People are more likely to click on a link that is organically high in the listings, over an ad. This is because it’s generally perceived that organic top Google listings are more trustworthy than an ad. 

It is more cost-effective to spend the money on SEO to get your listing to the top of Google organically, than to pay up for adverts. You’ll experience a greater return on your investment in the long run. 

If you’re not sure of the SEO techniques required to boost your aesthetic clinic up the Google search, or you don’t have the time to commit to this project, you could outsource the marketing work needed to increase your sales, to our expert team. Our aesthetic SEO is considered to be among the best in the UK. It provides fast, effective results with proven lead generation that turns into sales. Want to find out more about us? Please get in touch.